Minutes for September 6th, 2012

Meeting of the Board of Directors

(meeting starts at 22:04 CET)



  • attendance:
    Present: Carol, Paul, Matt, Maurizio, Érico, Sjoerd
    Away with notice: Geir
  • approval of the minutes of August 23, 2012:
    Carol moves to approve, Érico seconds. Matt abstains from the vote, motion carries.


Old Business


  • Plone conference update:
    Fibre is being dug, should be done next week.
    The PloneBoat could provide a solution to the shortage of hotels. More people should be encouraged to stay there, as it will be awesome, convenient, and legendary.
    Engaging keynote speakers is going well.
    Video recording is being worked on
    There is a good chance the entire Ploneconf will get the FairTrade sign of approval.
  • Transfer of plone.com to the Foundation.
    Yes, this is now done. Or, as the Romans would have it, "consummatum est"
  • plone.com
    Finally, this has moved on to be a more collaborative effort. A few strategic emails have thankfully led to a flurry of activity, from quite a few people. There is an active mailing list, a collaboration area, and the beginnings of a real team with a wide variety of skills to work on this. The momentum should be kept, but it is good this is finally moving.


New business


  • Schedule for Plone Conference 2013
    Érico has worked on an updated schedule for getting nominations for next year's conference, and this is adopted by the Board. We'll publicize this, together with an explanation of the reasons for the timing of the schedule.
  • Plone Foundation Annual Meeting
    The preparations for the Annual Meeting, to be held in Arnhem, are in place. The annual renewal cycle of the Membership has been set into motion. The Board will prepare reports to present to the Membership.
  • New Board elections
    The nominations for new Board members will be opened this weekend, and a voting team has been approached to count the votes cast.
  • Potential Trademark violation
    We've been notified of a potential trademark violation. To our non-trained eye, it certainly looks like a violation. This will be handed over to the legal people to pursue.
  • 60th Plone Tune-Up
    Friday september 21 will mark 5 years of Tune-Ups. Carol has been working hard, and has secured participation from over 13 companies and 30 participants. The focus will be on plone.com as well as closing of support tickets.
    The Board calls upon everybody to contribute on this day to the Tune-Up.
  • Report from Plone Symposium South America
    Overall, this has been an outstanding success. Hundreds of people from the huge Brazilian community participated, as well as many from other countries. There were also dozens of people in the various trainings, and in the Sprint. 18 people became Plone Contributors.
    There was very good press reception in the local newspapers, Plone made the headlines three days in a row in a widespread newspaper.
    The next Plone Symposium South America will likely take place in Argentina, and will be in the first half of 2013, to align with other regional conferences.

Sjoerd moves to close the meeting, Érico seconds. Unanimous approval.

(meeting closes at 23:33 CET)