Minutes for July 12, 2012

Meeting of the Board of Directors

(meeting starts at 22:06 CET)




  • Attendance:
    Present: Carol, Matt, Érico, Maurizio, Paul, Sjoerd
    Geir is on holiday, and 'en route', so can't attend.
  • Approval of the Minutes for June 28, 2012:
    Érico moves to approve, Maurizio seconds. Matt abstains, as he wasn't there, Motion carries.


New Business:


  • Plone Conf Brochure:
    The Board received a question on sponsoring a brochure for the Plone Conference, basically an updated and translated version of the German brochure for PloneKonf 2011.
    While the contents are definitely useful, and can and will be used, both as (PDF) material for printouts at other conferences and other ways, the Board feels that such a paper brochure would not be a good way to spend resources, as it would be mostly 'preaching to the converted' at a Plone Conference. The request is therefore turned down.
  • IRC Superstar.
    The "IRC Superstar" was an event sponsored by parties outside the Board. And, as the community has diversified its' ways of giving support (StackExchange, ...) any new effort should be called something like "Community superstar" or "Support superstar".
    It is not a direct role of the Board to organize this, but we will support any initiative that comes along. And some Board members have some fun ideas towards prizes, which they'll pursue on their own.
  • Treasurer's Report
    The numbers are fine, the Board wishes to thank Jen for her work.
    Paul moves to approve the Report, Érico seconds. Unanimous agreement.

  • Pycon 2013.
    Érico has made sure that Plone will be an OSS Sponsor in 2013. That should give plenty of lead time to come up with ideas for presence there.
  • Moving foundation svn to github.
    The foundation svn largely contains Contributor agreements, various contracts and policy documents. The value of a VCS for this kind of information is actually rather limited, while the value of having a proper workflow and access control is much higher. Therefore, since Plone is a CMS that is rather good at those sort of things, the documents should just go on plone.org, in the Board area.

  • Plone Conf 2013
    There has been discussion about selecting the next location for a PloneConf earlier, also after discussion with the organizers of EuroPython and PyCon. The advantage of having selected the next location early is that the organizers can 'learn the ropes' at the conf the year before, thus easing the transfer of knowledge between conference organizers.

    Now, while this may be good, for this year that is too ambitious, people also have to have time to think about this, prepare bids and the like, but it would be good to bring the whole process forward. Ideally, we would be able to have the bids in by the time of the Arnhem conference, and then the bids for PloneConf 2014 well before the 2013 conference.

  • Strategic Sprint Funding
    This topic will go to a separate session of the Board.

Old Business


  • Ploneconf 2012
    All necessary permissions for putting fibre-to-the-Plone have been granted, let the digging begin!
    The WiFi will be in Wyn's capable hands.
    There will be some way to get Simcards with appropriate dataplans in the hands of data-starving visitors.
    And, last but not least, talk submissions are open. Get your talks in!
  • Funding request for KiwiPyCon
    After review, the Board decides that there is not enough of a clear plan on how this would benefit Plone as a whole,  to justify the expense, so the request is turned down.
  • Transfer of Plone.com
    Paul will check if this has gone through now.
  • OSF Grant documentation for Plone Conference 2009
    This has been sent now to the Open Society Foundation.
  • plone.com progress
    There will be work done at the next Tune-Up Friday.
  • Real Story Group report subscription renewal.
    Carol will send this out to the Membership.
  • EuroPython recap:
    The Plone community made quite an impact, on very limited means.
    Congrats everybody!
    The feedback from the EuroPython organizers was that they were very happy with us, and that we should get in touch much earlier next year. A feeling that is very much mutual.
    One idea we have is to plan a sprint around EuroPython.

Érico moves to adjourn the meeting, Sjoerd seconds. Unanimous approval.

(meeting ends at 23:34 CET)