Minutes for May 3rd, 2012

Meeting of the Board of Directors



  • Attendance:
    Present: Sjoerd, Maurizio, Érico,  Paul, Carol, Geir,  Matt.

  • approval of the minutes of April 19th, 2012
    Érico moves to approve, Carol seconds. Geir abstains, motion carries.


Old business


  • Ploneconf update
    A flyer has been made, which will be in Sorrento, Plone Symposium East and Europython. New sponsors are also coming in.
  • Domain disputes
    .br: in principle done, in administrative process
    .cat: should be turned over to legal advice
    .be: is being worked on
  • Contributor agreements
    There are two issues here: signing, and the wording of the document itself.
    Both need to be addressed, but both also have legal consequences. We can't just change the procedure or the wording, and be confronted with legal issues years from now. Until we have a validated change, we still need hardcopy.
    Sjoerd is working on the signing procedure, Carol will look at the wording, also asking advice from other groups like the Software Conservancy Group.
    But still, we need full, authorative, legal approval on any changes. Not doing this might prove very painful in the future. So although we see the need to change the Contributor agreement, it has to be done right.
  • Europython booth/table:
    We're still waiting on an update from the organizers.
  • Plone Open Garden:
    It's going well, happening right now. The attendance is relatively small, with large dutch and italian contingents. The Roadmap was presented, along with several other discussions.
  • Accessibility:
    The Board will take further action on this, including asking people with more knowledge on the current and future legal requirements in various jurisdictions. There are companies around that can do scraper-tests on various aspects of this. The current trend is that compliance has to be achieved not only on anonymous site access, but also editing environment.
  • Treasurer's report:
    We'll have an in-depth look at it before next meeting.
  • Bitnami:
    no updates for now.


New Business


  • Google Summer of Code:
    Unfortunately, Plone was not in the final selection for this year, just like a few other larger opensource projects by the way. Our application was fine, and the Board wishes to thank Matthew Wilkes and Kevin Kalupson for the work they put in, this will be a great basis to apply again next year.


Érico moves to adjourn the meeting, Sjoerd seconds. Unanimous approval