Minutes for March 22, 2012

Meeting minutes of the Board of Directors

there is some confusion with Daylight Saving Time starting and ending on different dates in different continents and  hemispheres...

meeting starts at 23:01 CET



  • attendance:
    Érico, Paul, Sjoerd, Matt, Carol, Maurizio are present
    Geir is ill, and therefore cannot attend

  • Approval of the minutes of march 8:
    Maurizio moves to approve, Érico seconds. Unanimous approval


Old business

  • Plone Conference update:
    There is already contact on setting up wireless.
    The venue will be uplinked by fibre, 1gbit minimal, probably more.
    Work is being done on video recording, the stated goal is to have no more than an hour delay before uploading. Maybe even quicker/live.

  • Trademark monitoring:
    Last meeting the Board voted to approve the money for trademark monitoring. But it will cost a little more to monitor all aspects of our trademarks. After consulting with Marketing, the Board decides this is worth the extra 370 US dollar.
    Érico moves to approve, Paul second. Unanimous approval.

  • Plone.org cleanup:
    The good people at the Cioppino sprint are working on improving various aspects of plone.org now. Most team descriptions are in place, we're missing just two, and those are being followed up with. Part of this will also go to PLOG.

  • Domain disputes:
    We've sent mails to the current owners of various domains that should be under the Foundation. Positive results in one case, contact established in others.


New Business


  • Kiwi pycon funding:
    The Board received a funding request for the New Zealand Pycon. The event is in the budget, so we will contact them to let them fill in the proper forms. Then it can go directly to Marketing.

  • Electronic signatures for Contributor Agreements:
    Dave Powsner has been contacted, he will look at it from the legal angle.
    There is a significant overhead involved with 'real' electronic signatures, as opposed to scanned-in versions of paper signatures. We will also contact some other Free Software projects to ask how they handle contributor agreements. (Sjoerd)

  • Pycon US feedback:
    The Board wishes to thank the Marketing team, led by Mark Corum for their efforts in making Plone visible on this event. Also thanks to Gabrielle

    Hendryx-Parker and Carol Ganz, and of course to all Plonistas who came and shirted up!

    The Board will discuss further with Marketing, the Membership and other interested parties in how we can maximize our presence at Europython. It is clear that these events are focussed on developers, not on end-users. Marketing materials should reflect those target audiences.

    This discussion will continue over the next few weeks.

Sjoerd moves to close the meeting, Maurizio seconds. Unanimous.

The meeting closes at 23:46 CET.
(We will schedule in UTC from now on... Next meeting should be at 20.00 UTC)