Minutes for March 8th, 2012

Meeting minutes of the Board

Meeting starts at 21:02 CET


  • Attendance:
    present: Carol, Érico, Matt, Paul, Sjoerd, Maurizio
    absent due to travel: Geir
  • Minutes of March 1st, 2012:
    Érico moves to approve, Sjoerd seconds. Unanimous approval.


Old Business

  • Plone Conference update:
    Sponsors are coming in, the second Gold sponsor has just been signed.
    The budget is being reviewed continuously.
    Video recording: contact has been made with the people who did such an awesome job at Plonekonferenz, Munich, Germany. Also the network infrastructure is being organized.
  • Trademark monitoring service from the U.S.A.:
    The Board received an offer for monitoring the Plone trademark worldwide, via our U.S. lawyers. It seems like a good deal, and is certainly cheaper than the previous situation where trademarks were monitored from different continents/markets.
    Paul moves to approve the monitoring service. Maurizio seconds. Unanimous approval.
  • Plone.org and mailing lists cleanup.
    Most team information pages have been updated, there's still three missing. We have good hopes these will be up-to-date, and made more visible, at the Cioppino sprint.
  • Plone.cat and other top-level domains.
    We will contact the plone.TLD domains that are currently not under the Foundation with the object of bringing them under the Foundation.


New Business


  • Contributor Agreements:
    The Contributor agreements need some cosmetic and administrative updating. We need github usernames, amongst others. Sjoerd will look into the format, addressing and the like.
    Matt will run the status of having electronic-only Contributor Agreements past our IP lawyers. We hope to streamline the process, and save a few trees in the process.
  • Europython 2012:
    The Board and the Marketing committee will look into how we can best ensure visibility of Plone at Europython. By the way: the talks deadline is extremely early this year, any Plone community members should be aware of this.
    We will also look at sponsorship, booth and T-shirt opportunities. The Plonistas at US Pycon made a great effort, thank you all!

Paul moves to adjourn the session, Maurizio seconds. Unanimous approval.

The meeting closes at 21:49 CET