Minutes for March 1st, 2012

Meeting minutes of the Board

Meeting starts at 22:10 CET


  • Attendance:
    Present: Sjoerd, Érico, Maurizio, Paul, Carol, Matt
    Absent with notice: Geir
  • Minutes of february 9th, 2012:
    Érico moves to approve, Sjoerd seconds. Unanimous approval.


Old Business


  • Plone Foundation seat in Europe:
    Matt has met with an IP lawyer in the UK, she sees no legal reason why the Foundation would still need a seat in Europe for holding the trademark. Contact has been made with our lawyer, David Powsner, for setting up a worldwide trademark monitoring solution from the US.

  • Mailing list and plone.org cleanup:
    Most obsolete lists have been closed, and archived. Thanks to Martin from the AI team!
    The information about various other teams is being worked on. Ongoing.

  • Plone Conference update:
    Preparations are going well, the registration is already open and the first ticket has been sold!
    Also, the first sponsors have committed.

  • Google Summer Of Code:
    Last year's coordinators are also up for the job this year, and will make the necessary preparations. A few people have already shown interest to be mentors.

  • World Plone Day:
    There are events being planned in various continents already. More are always welcome; if people host an event, please tell the community about it.

  • Plone at PyCon USA:
    Brochures have been printed and are on their way; a group of people will boast nice shirts promoting Plone. This may also be a nice way to show presence at the upcoming EuroPython conference (Florence, Italy, July 2-8)

  • Budget Review:
    The Board needs to set the travel stipendium for the Release Manager for this year. Maurizio moves to approve $2000, Paul seconds. Unanimous approval.


New Business


  • New members for the Plone Foundation:
    The Membership Committee has proposed two new members to be allowed in the Foundation: Georg 'Gogo' Bernhard and Paul Roeland.
    Érico moves to approve Gogo Bernhard, Sjoerd seconds. Unanimous approval.
    Sjoerd moves to approve Paul Roeland, Érico seconds. Paul abstains, for obvious reasons. The rest approve, so the motion passes.

    Welcome, Gogo and Paul!

  • Plone.cat domain:
    The Board has learned about this domain in the Catalonian TLD. In keeping with policy, the Board will try to bring the domain under the Foundation, so that the site itself can be a gathering place for the Plone community in Catalunya.

  • Installer for Mac OS X.
    The unleashing of another large feline has ment that Steve McMahon wants to transfer responsability for the binary installer to somebody else. Érico, together with a few other people in Brazil, have volunteered to step up to the challenge. Thanks, both to Steve and to the new maintainers!

  • Funding request for the Cioppino sprint:
    The Board has received a request from the Cioppino sprint organizers for funding. This will be a 'strategic sprint', focussing on documentation. This is very much welcomed. And since there is room in the budget, the Board is happy to oblige and fund the sprint with US $ 2000.
    Paul moves to approve the funding, Sjoerd seconds. Unanimous approval.

  • Plone Konferenz Germany:
    The event was a great succes, both in attendance and content, judging by the reactions. The Board wants to officially thank the organizers for a great job.


Érico moves to adjourn the meeting, Matt seconds. Unanimous approval.

The meeting is closed at 23:18 CET