Minutes for February 9, 2012

Meeting minutes of the Board

meeting starts at 22:05 CET



  • Attendance:
    present: Matt, Carol, Sjoerd, Érico, Maurizio, Paul
    absent with notice: Geir
  • approval of the minutes of january 26, 2012:
    Maurizio moves to approve, Sjoerd second. Unanimous approval

Old business


  • Plone Foundation seat in Europe:
    there's some more info around on how to do that from the US, but nothing definitive. Will come back.

  • plone.org and mailinglist cleanup:
    work is progressing nice, Maurizio is working with various community members.
    Obsolete mailinglists will be archived for posterity
  • Plone conference update:
    a logo for the conference has been made, has been checked for complicance, and has been found to look good. It will be released a.s.a.p.
    Furthermore Fourdigits and allies are working on the website
    In short: preparation is going well.

New business

  • Funding policy for events:
    (We have a guest caller for this item, Mark Corum joins the meeting 22:20)

    The calendar for events that are already in the budget, will run from January to December. This makes it easier to plan and adjust for coming years in a structured fashion.
    The calendar will be published annually, to increase visibility.

    If events are in the budget already, the Marketing team will decide on requests, according to policy. The procedure for requesting funding is already clearly layed out at http://plone.org/foundation/event-sponsorship/plone-event-sponsorship-policy/eventsponsorshipdetails, but it never hurts to point the procedure out again.

    There is room in the budget for unplanned events, requests for those will be submitted via the same form. Requests which come in after the budget is approved with need to go through a special approval process involving the marketing team and the board, and are subject to limitations of the already-approved marketing budget.

    Receiving feedback on events that are sponsored is vital. This is the best way to measure the effectiveness of sponsoring specific events. All attendees MUST submit the form located at http://plone.org/foundation/event-sponsorship/plone-event-report-form at the completion of the event. 

    In general, we strive for diversity, both in geographic spread of events, and in people  and organisations receiving support from the Foundation.

  • Google Summer Of Code:
    The new dates for submitting proposals is coming up. The Board explicitly does not steer the development of Plone, so also does not come up with possible ideas. But Paul will contact the coordinators of last year to set things in motion. This will also be coordinated with the Marketing team.

  • World Plone Day announcement
    there was a mail to the membership list, the date has been set at 25 april 2012.
    Maybe Italy will hold the event on a different day due to a national holiday. Other countries are already working on events. People that organize events should be encouraged to publicize them on plone.org.

  • PSE funding request:
    A request for Plone Symposium East funding has been received. This was in the budget, but without a concrete number, that's why it now comes here. The Board decides to sponsor the Symposium for 2000 US dollar, and will use the opportunity to promote the next PloneConf.

  • Pycon USA:
    the organizers seem to be overrun by the popularity. Registration is now closed. Plone will have a marketing presence, Érico will be on it.

  • Booth materials:
    There are some booth materials (banners, boards, etcetera) in two continents. Shipping them to further continents, or sometimes even across a few national borders, usually far exceeds the costs of having them produced locally. There is room in the budget to do exactly that for events to come.

Carol moves to adjourn the meeting, Maurizio seconds. Unanimous approval

meeting closes at 23:01 CET