Minutes for January 21st, 2012 (extra meeting)

Extra meeting of the Board, to decide the location of Plone Conference 2012

meeting starts at 22:04 CET

present: everybody (that would be Carol, Matt, Geir, Sjoerd, Érico, Maurizio, Paul)

This is an extra meeting, with choosing the location for Plone Conference 2012 as the only point on the agenda.

The Membership of the Plone Foundation has cast an advisory vote, counted by Tom Lazar and Alec Mitchell. A clear majority for the proposal by Fourdigits has emerged.

The Board has full confidence that the proposal by Fourdigits is sound, and will result in a great Plone Conference 2012.

Paul moves to appoint Fourdigits as the organising party, and thus Arnhem, the Netherlands as the host city. Érico seconds.
Both Sjoerd and Maurizio abstain from the vote, as they are both connected to one of the bids.

The other members of the Board agree with the motion, so the motion passes.

Congratulations to Fourdigits!

The Board officially wants to thank both Fourdigits and Abstract/Fanelli Consulting for putting in excellent bids.


Carol moves to adjourn the meeting, Érico seconds, unanimous approval.

meeting ends at 22:13 CET