Plone Foundation Board for 2011-2012

Plone Foundation Board Members for 2011-2012.

  • Matt Hamilton (Bristol, UK) - President - Technical Director at Netsight Internet Solutions, a Plone development company based in Bristol, UK.  He is generally involved in Plone consulting on scalability, authentication and integration of Plone in the Enterprise.  He organised the Plone performance sprint in Bristol in 2008.  Matt also served on the founding board of the Plone Foundation. This is Matt's fifth term on the board.

  • Carol Ganz (Fortville Indiana, USA) - Vice President - Plone business specialist and evangelist with a serious customer-service focus. Working for Six Feet Up since 2008, she started as





    moved to Director of Hosting Services


    and now





    account management

    teams as the Director of Business Development

    . This is Carol's first term on the board.

  • Paul Roeland (Amsterdam, Netherlands) - Secretary - Open source activist and tech coordinator for several non-profits. Currently working for the Clean Clothes Campaign, past involvements include Friends of the Earth, a film festival, and a range of events with the wider ICT4D and Opendata movements.This is Paul's first term on the board.

  • Érico Andrei (São Paulo, Brazil) - Brazilian Plone Evangelist, co-founder of Simples Consultoria and two-time organizer of Plone Symposium South America (2009 and 2011). This is Érico's first term on the board.

  • Geir Bækholt (Tønsberg, Norway) - Geir Bækholt was Plone Foundation President for the term 2009-2010. He is also Managing Director of Jarn (the Norwegian Plone consultancy formerly known as Plone Solutions). He is has been part of Plone since its inception, does both software development and organizational work and manages the multinational team of Plone core developers that make up the Jarn crew. He arranged the 2006 Archipelago Sprint and spearheaded the 10% Plone manifesto. This is Geir's sixth term on the Plone Foundation board.

  • Maurizio Delmonte (Ancona, Italy) - Maurizio has been in love with Plone (and Zope) since 2003, when he started to present it at technical events in Italy. He's been part of the Italian Plone community since the beginning, contributing the first italian translation, and has been involved in making things happen at events like Plone Conferences 2007 and 2009, European Plone Symposium, Plone Open Garden, Sorrento Sprint and ContènTOUR. Maurizio is a project manager, communication guy, Plone consultant and integrator at Abstract Open Solutions, an Italian company specializing in OSS, Plone and Python solutions. This is Maurizio's first term on the board.

  • Sjoerd van Elferen (

    Arnhem, Netherlands


    - Consultant and project leader at Four Digits where we use and promote the 10% Plone manifesto. They believe in quality and are ISO 9001 certified. They have been working with Plone since 2006 and Zope since 2001 have only gotten more involved since. This is Sjoerd's first term on the board.