Minutes for January 12th, 2012

meeting minutes of the Board of Directors

meeting started at 22:00 CET


  • Attendance: everybody (that would be Carol, Matt, Geir, Sjoerd, Érico, Maurizio, Paul)

  • Approval of the minutes for december 29th 2011:
    Maurizo moves to approve, Érico seconds. Unanimous approval

Old Business

  • Plone foundation seat in Europe
    One of the services run until now in Europe was a trademark monitoring service. But the necessity to do that from Europe has changed; there is now a service in the US that can do that worldwide. That would be helpful. Matt will follow up.

  • plone.org  and mailing lists cleanup
    Maurizio has been in contact with most mailing list admins, a few team members will have to be contacted directly. Some mailing list admins have said their lists can be closed, they will be archived for historical reasons. Ongoing.

    One issue was that most teams are not part of the Foundation, and therefore should not reside under the "Foundation" part of the website. Rather, they are operated by the Plone Community as a whole.

    The Board received a question from the organisers of the upcoming Cioppino Sprint, who are willing to work on the website. In cooperation with them, and the communications team, we think we can find an adequate solution to represent the many ways people can become active in the Plone Community.

  • CMS expo
    after discussion, the Board still holds the same position as in the previous meeting.

New Business


  • Proposals for Ploneconf 2012
    Two proposals have been sent to the Board: Arnhem, Netherlands (by Four Digits) and Paris, France (by Abstract and Fanelli Consulting).

    The Board has, in the process of 'due dilligence', asked both proposers a few questions and is satisfied with the answers.

    Both proposals can now go on to the Foundation Membership for an advisory vote on what they think is the best proposal for a succesful conference 2012.

    The Members will have opportunity to vote between January 16th and 20th, the Board will ask assistance from the Voting Team that ran the last Board Elections. The Board will also ask the Marketing team to help present the proposals.

    After the advisory vote, the Board will have an extra meeting on January 21 to discuss, and announce the winning proposal for Plone Conference 2012 on January 23rd.

  • Renewing NTEN membership
    The last Board was in favour of renewing. After looking into it, the costs of renewal are negligible.
    Sjoerd moves to renew the membership, Paul seconds. Unanimous approval.

  • Membership committee recommendations
    The Board has received recommendations from the Membership Committee to approve Chrissy Wainwright and Maurizio Delmonte as Members of the Foundation.
    Paul moves to approve them, Geir seconds.
    There is unanimous approval on Chrissy Wainwright, Maurizio abstains from the vote on his own membership. The rest approves, both motions pass.

    Welcome, Chrissy and Maurizio!

  • Contributor Agreements
    We need to examine if it is still a legal requirement to handle and store signatures on paper for Contributor Agreements under U.S. law, or if a more modern form involving electronic signatures is possible.
    Carol will be on it.

Sjoerd moves to end this meeting,


seconds. Unanimous approval.

meeting closed at 23:09 CET