Minutes for Oct 6, 2011

Minutes of the Plone Foundation Board of Directors

Present: Calvin, Jon, MattH, Mark, Geir
Absent: Alex, Steve

Calvin called the meeting order at 12:07pm.

Plone Conference Update

Liz/Spanky could not make it.  Toby reported that he hasn't heard anything from Liz about payments that need to be made.

Minutes from Sept. 22nd


Mark moved to approve the minutes.
Calvin seconded.
Approved unanimously.

Committee reports


Membership: Mark's been focused on thinking about plone.com planning for conference, keeping up with stream of news articles.


no report right now.  Will have some stuff next time.

Old business

Indian trademark (Matt)

Matt has spoken to Sree, who would be happy to help, but has no prior knowledge.  Matt has emailed Xavier for more background.

New Business

Security Announcement Process
Status of documenting the process for handling these events?

Geir has asked a couple of people on the Security Team if they need help documenting their process.  Jon will follow up with SteveM.

Brief discussion about the lack of clarity around the appropriate use of plone-announce.  Geir: should contain security issues, event announcements, and releases.  General agreemenet.
Brief discussion of whether it is desirable to create a new, security announcement-only list.  Deferred for now.  Jon will reinvigorate plone-announce in the meantime.

Invitation to Plone to join OSI
We received an email from OSI asking whether the Plone Foundation would want to explore becoming an OSI Affiliate.

Context: OSI is updating its governance model to include more representation from major open-source software projects, and has approached us to see if the PF wants to be a member of OSI.

There was discussion via email, generally enthusiastically.

Conclusion: float this past the membership with a positive recommendation, then take a vote next meeting.

Geir will email the membership.  Matt is also happy to serve as a liaison with OSI if needed.


Copyright assignment, github.com/plone and github.com/collective

We received some questions via email from a member.

1. What is the assignment status of a package checked into github.com/collective even if it contains a Plone Foundation copyright notice?
2. (How) could there ever be a migration path for a package in collective (either svn or github) into a plone.* package in github.com/plone such that there is clean assignment of copyright interest to the Foundation assuming the provenance of all commits is from folks with contributor agreements?
3. Does github.com/plone have the blessing of the Foundation in the sense that contributions there are assigned because they are explicitly intended to become part of the work "Plone" (whether they do
or not, just like svn.plone.org/svn/plone)?
4. What code repositories should ongoing improvement work be committed to and still be clean from an assignment perspective?
Geir: we should have a clearer description of our policy/process in our development FAQ.

Jon: are there any packages that are copyright PF and live in collective?  One example: wicked.

Does all code shipped with Plone have to be assigned?  No (e.g. TinyMCE).

PLIP process should include a step of ensuring that all contributors have signed contributor agreement, and code should be moved from collective to plone repo at the point the product starts shipping with Plone.    Refer to https://plone.org/team/DeveloperTeam

Geir: we need to write up a clear FAQ on this.  

Jon: I will volunteer to do a draft in FAQ format, will use FWT as reviewer.

Jon moved to adjourn at 12:42 pm PST.
Mark seconded
Unanimously approved.