Minutes for Sept 22, 2011

Minutes of the Plone Foundation Board of Directors

Present: Calvin, Jon, MattH, Mark
Absent: Geir, Alex, Steve

Calvin called the meeting order at 12:02pm.

Plone Conference Update

Liz and Spanky could not make it, but are available for questions on IRC.  Liz reports 180 registrations so far.

Minutes from Sept. 8th

Mark moved to approve the minutes
Jon seconded.
Unanimously approved with Matt abstaining.

Committee reports


no report right now


no report right now.

Old business

Indian trademark (Matt)

Getting in touch with Sree@Mahiti to get some history/status/advice.

Possible trademark abuse (Matt)

Matt has been in touch with our attorney, who is responding, and reports that Zope Foundation hasn't been contacted about this issue.  Matt will follow up with our attorney.

Anti-harrassment policy (Calvin, Matt)

Mark circulated the final draft version of a model anti-harrassment policy.
We discussed whether to make the adoption of an anti-harrassment policy a condition of receiving Plone Foundation sponsorship, and decided to revisit that issue later.

Jon volunteered to circulate/coordinate feedback.

Calvin moved that we send this draft policy to the membership for feedback.
Mark seconded.
Approved unanimously.

New Business

Plone International Community Site (calvin)

We took a quick peek at a translated plone.org site, didn't see anything amiss.

Domain Hosting

Martin@Jarn suggested that we consolidate domain hosting at Eurodns, which would allow us to have more international domains in the same account.  We have no objections if Martin feels that would be easier.
Calvin will communicate to Martin.

Calvin moved to adjourn
Mark seconded
Unanimously approved.
Meeting adjourned at 12:28pm (*)

*This may represent a new benchmark for "fastest meeting ever."