Minutes, Nov 16 2006

Meeting time

Here's a Tiny URL for the meeting time.

Dial In: 1-641-297-5500

Passcode: 75563

Roll Call

Present: Paul Everitt, Andy McKay, Francesco Ciriaci, Geir Bækholt, Nate Aune, Sasha Vinçic
Absent: Alexander Limi
Observing: Toby Roberts

Agenda Items

  1. Approve agenda.
  2. Approve previous minutes.
  3. Officer reports.
  4. Committee reports (below).
  5. Review progress on old action items.
  6. New business.
  7. Set time for next meeting.

Officer Reports


No report.

Paul and Francesco will gather officer reports before the meeting and post them in the agenda so that everyone can read them before.


No report.


No report.


The PF has repaid the loan.
2000 USD received from the CMS Watch Contest
Signature authority for the bank account question.
Concern of the foundation burning money in the past years, need to find a way to finance the activity

Paul makes a motion for a money market(?) account to accrue financials together with the checking(?) account. Approved by all.

Paul points out that Nobody is allowed to make a PF obligation without approval of the board.

Committee Reports

Membership Committee

Trademark Committee

Marketing Committee

Discussion about the Marketing Commettee and Plone.net


Old Action Items

  1. Munwar: Send year-end Board Progress Report (accomplishments, financial status) to all members. (terminated)
  2. Munwar: Is it a good idea to identify 3 top priority things which we would like to recommend the next board members to take up? (terminated)
  3. Munwar: Joel/Paul to address attendees in Plone Conference 2006 after the keynote - Present board report, Thank all contributors; Request people to participate? (done)
  4. Alex: Plone.NET status and change of "ownership"
    • Board decision about funding/income source
      Alex volunteered to step up and steer the dev effort. Priority before the conference. Work with a small team to get something done. Alex discussed a change in policy on Plone.NET and paying to get listed.
      Motion to remove the free listings from plone.net from the first iteration, pricing structure and free tier decided by next board. Jackie:+1, Munwar: +1, Jodok: +1, Alex: +1, Geoff: +1.

New Business

  1. (Nate) Utilize plone.net for posting Plone-related jobs and RFPs - the board express a general interest; the feature is seen a a future feature for when the site will be active and current activities completed.
  2. (Nate) Using on-demand printing to created a printed Plone end-user guide and developers guide -
  3. (Paul) Remove Board-Public mailing list: a) contact board members directly b) use membership mailing list for public discussion -  approved
  4. (Paul) Agreement for Zea Partners to become the effective European Seat for the Plone Foundation - postponed
  5. (Paul) Plone.net pricing policy - discussion about Plone.net past and present: basic idea listed for free, but can buy space -  is sponsoring the foundation, not buying a rank. Banners that you can use on your web site and material.

Action Items

  1. Toby - create the m. account
  2. Paul/Francesco - remove the B-P ML, communicate about the change
  3. Paul - distribute to the board the Agreement for Zea Partners ...
  4. Paul - report the work of the tm commettee
  5. Everybody - make comments on the pricing vectors for Plone.net listing
  6. Sasha - have the foundation area on plone.org fixed
  7. Nate - edit the calling page, find a (free) conference service with local numbers, possibly.

Next Meeting

Everybody agree on meeting at the same time in 2 weeks.