Minutes, Sep 21 2006

Meeting time

Here's a Tiny URL for the meeting time.

Dial In: 1-641-297-5500

Passcode: 75563

Roll Call

Present: Geoff, Jackie, Munwar, Ben, Limi, Jodok (after first vote)
Absent: Joel
Observing: Toby, Paul

Agenda Items

  1. Approve agenda. Approved by acclaim. Motioned by Jackie, seconded by Munwar, approved by acclaim.
  2. Approve previous minutes. Geoff, Ben, acclaim.
  3. Officer reports.
  4. Committee reports (below).
  5. Review progress on old action items.
  6. New business.
  7. Set time for next meeting.

Officer Reports


Agenda items submitted previously.


No report.


No report.


Finances sent out earlier.  No major change except check for conference.  "No payables".

Committee Reports

Membership Committee

Hanno and Godefroid are working on processing the slate of back members, with a goal of having recommendations done by next Wednesday. I suggested that, to avoid another board meeting, the board gives them pre-approval that is revokable by veto. Meaning, they send the board the slate, the board has 24 hours to say "Stop". If we can get the new members announced by next Wednesday, we can stay on track with the election process.

Hanno also worked on the member renewal process:

I already updated the workflow of the FoundationMember product and
applied those changes to plone.org as well.

This means we have the 'renew' workflow transition back, which will
increment the expiration date of the member object by one year. This is
how we did the renewal technically last year as well and it worked quite

In addition I added the emeritus workflow state for those members that
will not renew their membership, so we can distinguish these from the
active members.

Trademark Committee

Andrew Hatton sent me an email with a Word file on the trademark committee progress. Two applications for use, two infringements (one corrected, one pending), and use of Portfolio Manager for domains. Also, two open questions:

1. Does the foundation need to have an established address in Europe?
A condition for registering domain name in Europe (at least in some countries - like Italy) is to have an
effective seat in Europe. (Effective means: telephone number, legal address and a representative that can sign papers).

2. How much effort should we put into chasing the “url” infringements?
I see these as less serious than clear infringements of the Plone name itself.
Do we need to get our legal team involved?

Jackie mentioned that the names of the trademark usage requests should be mentioned in the minutes, but the names of the violaters should be mentioned only on the phone call but only put into the minutes after repeated offense and efforts to contact and resolve.

Marketing Committee

Sprint after the conference for a non-technical track.  Couple of different options on the table.


Paul discussed the recent discussion about Alex doing the software and Paul doing content management.  More to follow later.

Old Action Items

  1. (Joel) Ping Hanno/Godefroid about approving slate of members.
  2. (Alex) Send Jackie the email address for Melissa. (Done)
  3. (Paul) Ping Jon about the relative importance videography. (Done)
  4. (Jackie/Paul) Finish the PayPal button and send to Alex. (Done)

New Business

  1. New board elections. 
  2. Approval of new members. Geoff motioned that the membership committee have the authority to propose a slate of members to the board, and if 48 hours passes without comment, the slate is approved.  Paul will give feedback loop by individually mailing board members. Jackie seconded. Ben: +1, Munwar: +1, Jackie: +1, Geoff: +1, Alex: +1, Jodok: +1.
  3. Munwar: Send year-end Board Progress Report (accomplishments, financial status) to all members.
  4. Munwar: Is it a good idea to identify 3 top priority things which we would like to recommend the next board members to take up?
  5. Munwar: Joel/Paul to address attendees in Plone Conference 2006 after the keynote - Present board report, Thank all contributors; Request people to participate?
  6. Alex: Wichert asks if we can reimburse flight + hotel for the work on OpenID
    • This is $1500 vs. $5000 we'll get from OpenID
    • Plugin is working

      Alex gave discussion on the background.
  7. Alex: Approve Wichert as release manager for Plone 3.0
    Alex made a motion that Wiggy is anointed as the release manager, with the compensation being the $1500 for travel to the Plone Conference, to ensure we have the release manager at the conference. Munwar seconded. Geoff made a motion:

    [13:37] geoffd: 1) we confirm that we committed $5k to alec
    [13:37] geoffd: 2) assuming that we did, we pay him
    [13:37] geoffd: 3) again, assuming that we did, we offer wiggy the same
    [13:37] geoffd: 4) we pay the $1500 travel as an advance on the $5k
    [13:38] geoffd: and if we get the $5K openid, we pay him the full $5k plus travel

    Alex seconds. Geoff: +1, Alex: +1, Munwar: +1, Ben: +1, Jodok: +1.
  8. Alex: Plone.NET status and change of "ownership"
    • Board decision about funding/income source
      Alex volunteered to step up and steer the dev effort.  Priority before the conference.  Work with a small team to get something done. Alex discussed a change in policy on Plone.NET and paying to get listed.
      Motion to remove the free listings from plone.net from the first iteration, pricing structure and free tier decided by next board.  Jackie:+1, Munwar: +1, Jodok: +1, Alex: +1, Geoff: +1.

Action Items

  1. (Paul) Ensure point about getting nomination application approved (workflow) is clear.
  2. (Joel) Work with Paul on an annual report.
  3. (All board members) Engage the membership mailing list about 2007 PF priorities.
  4. (Joel) Schedule the PF member meeting.
  5. (Joel) Confirm that Alec was suppposed to get paid for 2.5 release manager.
  6. (Alex) Communicate results with Wichert.

Next Meeting