Minutes, May 18 2006

Meeting time: 08:00 AM Pacific time


Roll Call


Had trouble with conference call facility.

Present: Alex, Jackie, Ben, Geoff
Absent: Joel (gave proxy to Alex), Munwar, and Jodok
Observing: Paul


Agenda Items


  1. Approve agenda.  Agenda approved by acclaim.
  2. Approve previous minutes. Previous minutes approved by acclaim.
  3. Officer reports.
  4. Committee reports (below).
  5. Review progress on old action items.
  6. New business.
  7. Set time for next meeting.


Officer Reports





Fjords in Norway are swell.


I have nothing to say.


Not available.


Committee Reports


Membership Committee

No report

Trademark Committee

No report

Marketing Committee

I met with Paul E. to discuss the current state of plone marketing. During my absence, the steering committee has fallen into disuse. We will focus on the most important tasks at hand, and then move forward appropriately from there.

Right now, we are focusing on 2 things:

  • Completing a press release for the 2.5 release that highlights all the strengths of the new release
  • Getting at least 50% of this press release paid for through donations

    • I have some information from Toby about setting up paypal buttons. I would like to do link this directly off a few key places on plone.org, including the updated release page, and the beta version page, etc. Ideas? Is this okay? Who do I coordinate with to make this happen?

I spoke to AlecM yesterday about compelling descriptions of the core changes in the 2.5 release. He and I will continue to work together on this, with Paul’s help, to develop an engaging & informative press release.

But at this point, Paul and I are operating as a 2 person show. Once we get over this hurdle, we will begin to expand out and engage others in the community and start creating next steps for marketing, including addressing the possibility of a rock star portlet.

During the call, Alex asked Jackie about the resolution on the logo issue.  She replied: logos get resized and put in the footer.


Joel worked on a few of the M3 tasks. Alex will work on his tasks later.

Alex asked about status and if people should enter, or will the schemas change and data get lost.  Answer: no, schemas won't change.


Old Action Items


  1. (Paul - Completed) Add Jackie to the plone.org/foundation/about/board/list page.  I also removed the mention of CA's special seats on that page and on the linked page. Also made sure all board members have access to the /foundation/board folder (work in progress).
  2. (Joel) Create thank-you page for plone.org on contributions.
  3. (Jackie) Get volunteers on the rock star portlet policy. Overcome by events.  The press release takes a higher priority.
  4. (Ben) Get an update on the 2.5 release cycle for the next meeting. Little bit of flux, everybody talking about May, some talking about June.  Discussion on framework team list.  Checked a week ago, no final answer.  Timeframe looks like June.  Jackie said Alec said yesterday: first week of June.


New Business


  1. Plone Conference 2006 (Limi)We have a party interested in hosting. They need (a) reassurance on attendance and (b) Foundation front some money. This party would outsource the logistics and focus on the conference activities. Geoff expressed some concerns, that there are other venues for fronting cash w/out us getting in the middle. Ben said it doesn't bother him so much, he understands the motivation. Jackie said two things: (a) how essential is the conference to the board's goals and (b) she sympathizes with how hard it is to get a loan as a community organization. Question: "If Ben's prediction that the Europeans won't come, is it worth the risk to the PF?"

    Motion: "Alex is authorized to discuss with the interested party the PF fronting some money, under the conditions that: (a) The party puts together a sketch of the program (with commitments from prospective speakers, etc.) and (b) adequately gauges the level of interest in the community, (c) presents his findings to the board in conjunction with a formal proposal, and (d) makes a reasonable case that the PF won't lose its loan."  Votes: Geoff +1, Ben +1, Jackie +1, Alex +1, Joel (by proxy) +1.

Action Items


  1. (Limi) Change the logos on plone.org
  2. (Paul) Communicate back to the parties on the resolution of the logo issue. (Done, May 23)
  3. (Paul) Help Jackie get PayPal button on plone.org.
  4. (Alex) Get back to Jon.
  5. (Jackie) Distribute a phone number for the next meeting to use as a conference facility.  We will experiment with replacing the CA service with teleconnection.com. (Done, May 21)

Next Meeting

9:30 SF time will be the new meeting time.  Next meeting is June 8.  Here's a Tiny URL for the meeting time.