Minutes, May 4 2006

Meeting time: 08:00 AM Pacific time

Roll Call

Present: Joel, Geoff, Ben, Munwar, Jackie, Jodok
Absent: Alex
Observing: Toby, Paul (late)

Agenda Items

  1. Approve agenda. Agenda approved by acclaim.
  2. Approve previous minutes. Approved by acclaim.
  3. Officer reports.
  4. Committee reports (below).
  5. Review progress on old action items.
  6. New business.
  7. Set time for next meeting.

Officer Reports


Talking to John Stahl about One NW hosting a plone conference. Talked to Paul about giving more time for plone.net completion items.


Back from archipelago sprint. People in norway expressed concern about getting to plone conference in
US. Need a lead time of 3 months to get travel approved (e.g. people in ukraine) – need written approval. Send an ultimatum: host something in the US.



Toby got a waiver from late fee for last year's taxes.  Financial standing same as last meeting.

Committee Reports

Membership Committee

Trademark Committee

From Andrew Hatton

  • Successfully convinced a domain squatter to adhere to the domain policy

Marketing Committee

Jackie starting work on fund raising for 2.5 international press releases.

The foundation would spend up to 50% of the costs for either a US (approx total $950 USD) or Western Europe (approx. total $1200) to release over the wire, the remaining costs should be covered by donations.


Defined an M3 milestone with a deadline of Tuesday, April 25. Sent 15 mails and held 2 IRC meetings to make sure everybody could conclude their tasks by the deadline. Unfortunately, not even one of the M3 tasks was completed. It is time to conclude that volunteers are taking 5x the amount of coordination than the output we are getting.

Old Action Items

  1. (Alex) Public offer about booths at conferences.
  2. (Jackie) Launch ad-hoc committe for the logo issue. (Completed, see report sent to board list on May 3.)
  3. (Jodok) Contact framework team about Summer of Code. Jodok is working with Jonah and Nate.  Have 3 or 4 students interested so far.  There is a student application form on the Google site where the student could elaborate on a list of PLIPs.

New Business

  1. Vote on Jackie's recommendation on plone.org logos: "motion: downsize amaze logo to be consistent with other logos in the footer, then move to footer". Jackie made motion, Joel seconded.  Joel +1, Ben +1, Munwar +1, Jackie +1, Jodok +1.  Unanimous vote.  Jackie noted that we need a policy to encourage fair participation. Joel noted that we aren't doing a good job of showing the strength of the Plone business community, that we need to give more not less encouragement. Geoff discussed the rock-start portlet and how plone.org's high Google rank is a meaningful reward.

New Action Items

  1. (Paul) Add Jackie to the plone.org/foundation/about/board/list page.
  2. (Joel) Create thank-you page for plone.org on contributions.
  3. (Jackie) Get volunteers on the rock star portlet policy.
  4. (Ben) Get an update on the 2.5 release cycle for the next meeting.

Next Meeting

Thursday, May 18 at normal time.