Minutes, June 8 2006

Meeting time

Here's a Tiny URL for the meeting time.

Roll Call

Present: Geoff, Ben, Alex, Munwar, Joel
Absent: Jackie, Jodok
Observing: Paul

Agenda Items

  1. Approve agenda. Approved by acclaim.
  2. Approve previous minutes. Approved by acclaim.
  3. Officer reports.
  4. Committee reports (below).
  5. Review progress on old action items.
  6. New business.
  7. Set time for next meeting.

Officer Reports


Going to be another Vancouver Python conference. Joel is giving 2 presentations.


Nothing to report.


Toby and I worked with Karen from SFLC to get the papers sent in for tax-exempt status. Toby did most of the work, I simply signed and sent back (kudos to Oxfam GB for giving a courier package.) Karen sent a PDF of the results.


Report sent to board list in advance. Thanks Toby!

Committee Reports

Membership Committee

Hanno and Godefroid are working on processing the slate of back members, with a goal of having recommendations done by next Wednesday. I suggested that, to avoid another board meeting, the board gives them pre-approval that is revokable by veto. Meaning, they send the board the slate, the board has 24 hours to say "Stop". If we can get the new members announced by next Wednesday, we can stay on track with the election process.

Hanno also worked on the member renewal process:

I already updated the workflow of the FoundationMember product and
applied those changes to plone.org as well.

This means we have the 'renew' workflow transition back, which will
increment the expiration date of the member object by one year. This is
how we did the renewal technically last year as well and it worked quite

In addition I added the emeritus workflow state for those members that
will not renew their membership, so we can distinguish these from the
active members.

Trademark Committee

Andrew Hatton sent me an email with a Word file on the trademark committee progress. Two applications for use, two infringements (one corrected, one pending), and use of Portfolio Manager for domains. Also, two open questions:

1. Does the foundation need to have an established address in Europe?
A condition for registering domain name in Europe (at least in some countries - like Italy) is to have an
effective seat in Europe. (Effective means: telephone number, legal address and a representative that can sign papers).

2. How much effort should we put into chasing the “url” infringements?
I see these as less serious than clear infringements of the Plone name itself.
Do we need to get our legal team involved?

Marketing Committee

Report during meeting.


Nothing new to report.

Old Action Items

  1. (Joel) Create thank-you page for plone.org on contributions.
  2. (Limi) Change the logos on plone.org. Will be done tonight.
  3. (Paul) Communicate back to the parties on the resolution of the logo issue. (Done, May 23)
  4. (Paul) Help Jackie get PayPal button on plone.org. (Toby did his part, plone.org is stripping the form element.)
  5. (Alex) Get back to Jon. (Done)
  6. (Jackie) Distribute a phone number for the next meeting to use as a conference facility. We will experiment with replacing the CA service with teleconnection.com. (Done, May 21)

New Business

  1. Plone Conference 2006 (Joel) Joel made a motion for a vote. Jon also gave some stipulations about the cash needed to secure the conference. Joel gave a bit on the back story regarding RFPs and gave his statement on Jon's proposal and the conference for 2006. Paul gave some background on talking to Jon.

    Jackie discussed that the endorsing the conference and voting separately on a loan couldn't be split. Also, the 3 track split is laudable, concerns about lack of discussion on marketing plan. Joel and Paul gave anecdotal evidence about NGO potential. Joel mentioned previous promotion efforts. Geoff also brough up previous efforts.

    Joel proposed that, since not everyone saw the survey results, we'll table final vote and do it by email tomorrow. Joel will send around the survey results. Continue discussion about the rest of the proposal. Joel brought up the issue of Europe. Geoff mentioned the cost of videography. Agreement that the upfront money wasn't really for videography, and if it needed to be cut, it could.

    Decision was to call Jon and collect some more info.
  2. (Joel) Discussion about Plone 2.5 action items.

Action Items

  1. (Joel) Ping Hanno/Godefroid about approving slate of members.
  2. (Alex) Send Jackie the email address for Melissa.
  3. (Paul) Ping Jon about the relative importance videography.
  4. (Jackie/Paul) Finish the PayPal button and send to Alex.

Next Meeting

Two weeks from today at the same time of the day pending ongoing discussion.

9:30 SF time will be the new meeting time. Next meeting is June 8. Here's a Tiny URL for the meeting time.