Minutes, Dec 3, 2004

Date The meeting was held on 5 Dec 2004. Attendees Voting: Limi, Christian, Norm, Joel (as Mark), Alan, Geoff Non-voting: Paul Absent: Geoff, Marcel, Jodok, Robert Minutes Alan moved to approve the minutes. Minutes accepted by acclaim. Agenda Alan moved to approve the agenda. Agenda accepted. Officer Reports No report for president, vice-president, secretary. Committee Reports *Membership*. Not getting much response at all from volunteers. Might need to revisit the approach of using the committee to review applications. Mark and Paul suggested a backup plan to have Mark and Paul clear out the backlog if people don't step up. Norm brought up a question about the number of people we are targeting. Alex brought up the question about activity level by the members. *Trademark*. Alex said he now has admin access to manage the committee mailing list. Plone Solutions will be a first case. *Marketing*. No report. *Fund raising*. Mark started the conversation, but no response from volunteers. Mark explained the strategy about how to approach donors. Old Action 1) IRC appt didn't happen. 2) Geoff configured J2. 3) Recognition committee, need status from Geoff. 4) Cafe Express. Mark offered to help Ofer manage the Cafe Express and found out more info on the bank information needed. Mark has some concerns about getting money in this way directly due to tax ID (and thus IRS reporting). New Business *Contrib agreement*. For grantback. Ron: We need to structure the admin burden so we're ok, if we have a grantback and we don't police the license, then it's poo on us. We could grantback the code in a closed source to a BSD style license. People need to ask for the grantback at the moment of contribution, due to contract law "consideration". We can't give the grantback afterwards. Can't be retroactive. When someone wants the grantback, we need to execute a sep agreement defining the different contribution. Question from a logistical matter, have a form with a blank for the grantback license, exhibit A as code. People need to declare up front that they intend to pursue the grant-back. This sounds pretty inconvenient, but we are not talking about single lines of code here. This is a legal requirement, and has to do with the legal term of "consideration". We have to ask up front about getting a grant-back - but we can re-assign this under whatever license we want after that. We could police these licenses (Is module X that company Y relicensed under the MPL really being done properly?), but we won't, and we shouldn't. We don't lose anything anyway, and Plone Foundation is in the clear no matter what happens to that code after the fact. The typical use case would be to donate a chunk of code - for example LinguaPlone. Plone Solutions would then have to develop the product to the state they wanted it to be in, and then contribute the whole thing under a grant-back. We also have to get people to sign off on the code they contribute physically. Some discussion on how this could be done in practical terms. Action 1) Alan to provide Mark a mailing list for fund raising. 2) Paul will provide to Ron some scenarios for grantback.