2004-11-05 Plone board minutes

Date Nov 5, 2004 Attendees Marcel, Geoff, Alan, Mark (proxy for Joel), Norm, Limi. Paul as recorder. Minutes Previous minutes were accepted. Ofer's amendment to the agenda was accepted and minutes were approved. Officer Reports Treasurer. Mark got the discount, QuickBooks is up, signature cards ready. Mark asked if people got the P&L and balance sheet. Some yes, some no. Question still open if the trademark payment had any extra costs (transfer, etc.) Committee Reports IP Committee. Alan wrote down his thoughts and has sent it around. Paul said he would get the FAQ online next week. Discussion came up about who is the legal council to approve the contributor agreements. Trademark Committee. Nothing to report. Marketing Committee. No report. Membership Committee. Alan got the email to Mark for the new list. Mark will start subscribing new members. Discussion about one membership application that hasn't been approved yet. Geoff made the motion to table the discussion for the new member, Mark seconded, motion passed. Old Business 1. Norm on legal representation, no new status. 2. Alan for conservancy, waiting for proposal. 3. Rest of items migrate to next week. New Business Limi's fair use proposal. Sent out two weeks ago. Geoff moves to approve proposal as written, Marcel seconds. Roll call: Geoff yes, Alan abstain, Marcel yes, Norm yes, Mark yes, Limi yes. Motion passes. Plone Shop. Paul explained the trademark issue and the money transfer issue. Discussion of logo quality and review of material. Limi would prefer the Alma version. Next Meeting Next week, Fri Nov 12, same time. Action 1. Paul will get conservancy FAQ online by middle of next week. 2. Alan will email Eben and Ron to get leads for legal council. 3. Mark will start the membership list. 4. Board needs to staff the fundraising committee. 5. Alan will get Alma to get a better logo for Ofer.