Nominations for the Plone Foundation Board of Directors

Carol Ganz

Plone business specialist and evangelist with a serious customer-service focus. Interested in helping promote Plone outside of our traditional markets to new kinds of customers.

Érico Andrei

Brazilian Plone Evangelist, co-founder of Simples Consultoria and two time organizer of Plone Symposium South America (2009 and 2011)

Geir Bækholt

Plone core developer and open source activist. Geek and 'suit' combined. Managing director of Plone solutions provider company Jarn AS.

Ken Wasetis

Plone advocate, evangelist, and consultant since pre-1.0 release, presenter at numerous Plone and Open Source conferences since 2003, supporter of PloneGetPaid and other key products, co-founder of Contextual.

Matt Hamilton

Plone consultant and integrator. Plone and OSS evangelist. Plone Conference 2010 Organiser. Director of Netsight, UK. Current board member.

Maurizio Delmonte

Plone consultant, integrator, trainer and project manager at Abstract Open Solutions. Plone Evangelist.

Paul Roeland

integrator, open source activist and non-profit tech person.

Rob Porter

Founding member of WebLion, integrator, and symposium organizer