Érico Andrei

Brazilian Plone Evangelist, co-founder of Simples Consultoria and two time organizer of Plone Symposium South America (2009 and 2011)

Erico Andrei

Co-founder of Simples Consultoria, a Brazilian content management consulting company, I've been involved with Plone since 2004 when our company chosen it as our primary CMS solution.

Over the years I've been very active in the Brazilian Python and Plone communities:

  • Co-founder of Associação Python Brasil
  • Maintainer and Editor of TcheZope (Brazilian Zope Community) during 2007
  • Plone Speaker at tech conferences:
    • PyConBrasil [2], [3] and PythonBrasil [6]
    • FISL 5 and 6
    • Latinoware 2008
    • Plone Conf 2010
  • Organized World Plone Day São Paulo in 2008, 2009 and 2010
  • Organized the first Plone Symposium South America in 2009
    • Keynotes: Alexander Limi and Eric Steele
  • Maintainer / Developer (sc.social.bookmarks, sc.social.like, sc.contentrules.*, Products.ATGoogleVideo)
  • Translator (Plone, PloneFormGen, PloneBooking)
  • Foundation member since 2010
  • Presented the runner-up proposal for the Plone Conference 2011

Prior to my entrepreneurship journey with Simples Consultoria I’ve worked at Grupo Abril, second largest media company in the country, and at Microsoft Brasil, as marketing evangelist.

2011 Plone Evangelism Report

During this last year I gave talks about Plone in technical conferences in Brazil and Argentina:

  • FISL 12 (Porto Alegre, Brazil)
  • CONSEGI (Brasilia, Brazil)
  • SOLISC (Florianopolis, Brazil)
  • PyConAr 3 (Junin, Argentina)

I also have been invited to talk about Plone -- and content management -- to non-technical audiences at:

  • 13ª Conferência Portais Corporativos (São Paulo, Brazil)
  • Seminário de Gestão Estratégica em Portais Corporativos e Intranets (São Paulo / Rio de Janeiro/ Brasilia, Brazil)
  • Conferência de Planejamento Estratégico e Expansão de Negócios (São Paulo, Brazil)

Plone Symposium South America

From September 29th to October 1st 2011 I organized the third edition of Plone Symposium South America (PSSA), this time as a track inside the PythonBrasil conference, in São Paulo, Brazil.

This edition offered us a great opportunity to reach a broader Python audience. Having Alan Runyan and Jim Fulton as keynotes for PSSA and also for PythonBrasil -- an attendence of 340 -- introduced Plone and our community to developers of other Python frameworks.

Why am I Interested?

I've been promoting Plone in the Brazilian market for the past 7 years and during that time I gave talks, training classes, wrote code, translated documentation, organized events and also deployed Plone solutions ranging from short-lived blogs to very successful news portals.

Offering my expertise and applying to be a member of the Board is natural step in helping the Plone community.

What are my proposed goals for 2012?

  • Empower local user groups like Plone Conosur and Plone.Br in order to reach a broader community -- specially those people who are not English speakers.
  • Create a formal channel between large Plone users in our local market and the Plone Foundation. e.g. Brazilian government organizations like SERPRO (~500 deployments) and Interlegis (~250 deployments).
  • Improve Plone.org by:
    • Having a frequently updated front page
    • Stimulating our providers to write better case studies
    • Encouraging the community to publish events, talks, seminars and trainings again on our site
    • Eventually -- budget restrictions apply here -- pay for updated documentation and tutorials
  • Continue to support and fund existing regional events and sprints and stimulate local user groups to host them

What I can add to the Plone Foundation


  • 15 years of IT marketing -- and evangelism.
  • Experience in developing a local Plone community, where most of our members speak only our own language
  • Knowledge about cultural aspects of selling Plone on different vertical markets -- from government to media corporations
  • An ability to communicate ideas to different audiences and bring people together to achieve common goals

Names of Plone Foundation Members Who Second My Nomination

  • Steve McMahon
  • Roberto Allende

  • Chris Calloway

  • André Nogueira

  • Héctor Velarde

  • Alex Limi