Rob Porter

Founding member of WebLion, integrator, and symposium organizer

Helped write a white page that convinced the university to start WebLion.


Wrote products to make it easier for integrators to customize Plone. Products like CSSManager, EasyAsPiIE, ContentWellPortlets, plonetheme.responsivetheme, and Products.BlingPortlet.


Speaker at a couple Plone Conferences, Plone Sympoisum East, and numerous Plone Users Groups.

Helped organize the Plone Symposium East every year.

Wrote documentation on, the WebLion wiki and website.

Been involved with sprints after the Plone Conferences, Plone Sypoisum East, Plone Tune ups, and sprints held at Penn State.

Helped start the PloneEdu effort. 

Won first-runner up for Plone IRC Superstar Contest in 2009

I would like to see the board move plone into making it more accessible for the integrator.

My Nomination is Seconded by

Mark Corum

Denys Mishunov

Veda Williams

David Glick

Vidar Andersen

Mike Halm