Nate Aune

Owner and Developer, Jazkarta (Boston, MA), founder of Plone4Artists and Boston Plone Users Group

I have been very active in the Plone community for the past 3 years: giving talks about Plone at Plone and non-Plone conferences, organizing various developer sprints, founded the Plone4Artists community-driven project and Boston Plone users group, and leading the PloneMultimedia development efforts.

In the last two years, I have seen my Plone consulting company Jazkarta grow from a one-man operation to a team of seven developers and designers who are located all around the world (Canada, USA, Holland and France), and have been fortunate to work on a variety of web projects for large companies, small businesses and non-profits. I think the future of Plone looks very bright, and I'm very excited to be a part of this amazing community.

I feel that I have a lot to contribute as a member of the board, both in terms of marketing and promoting Plone, as well as how to push the Plone development efforts in new directions.


In general, I want to boost the advocacy and promotion of Plone, and have a few ideas on how this might be done more effectively:

Develop a worldwide network of Plone user groups, which serve to support and promote Plone at the local level. The San Francisco Plone users group has already put forth the idea of Plone Lounges. I'd like to see user groups sharing RSS feeds and co-sponsoring sprints and bootcamps.

Improve the community marketing efforts, to explore ways of promoting Plone at the grassroots level. In addition to helping with the efforts, I'd like to:     

  • increase the awareness of Plone in the blogosphere
  • produce screencasts about cool Plone products and interview the authors
  • aggregate all multimedia content about Plone (audio, video, screencasts, PDFs) so it's easy to find, tag and rate.
  • create a calendar of conferences, seminars and technology events in which Plone should be represented and recruit local volunteers to assist with advocacy and promotion.
  • create a "conference kit" with t-shirts, buttons, signs, banners
  • develop a "media kit" for Plone with brochures and other marketing material targeting different audiences

Build different distributions of Plone, which are targeted for particular use cases or audiences. When you visit, you don't get the sense of how one can actual use Plone. We need to make it easier for people to see how Plone addresses their particular need, whether it be a non-profit, company seeking an intranet, educational institution seeking a courseware solution, or international organization seeking a multilingual CMS solution, etc. Some examples:


I would be honored to serve on the Plone board and will do everything I can to help Plone grow and prosper.

Seconded by

 Joel Burton