A package containing products to improve Plone's support for multimedia such as audio, video and photos.

Project Description

The PloneMultimedia package is a bundle including the following products. Eventually, we would like to see these content types as part of ATContentTypes (subclassing ATFile and ATImage) and included with Plone along with the other built-in types.


Audio files can be uploaded to the Plone portal, and the metadata is extracted from the file and populates the edit form. The metadata can be edited and the ID3 tags are written back to the file. The binary file is stored on the file system, not in the ZODB. The audio files can be played within the browser, streamed to an external media player or downloaded. ATAudio already provides this functionality but needs to be extended to support other file types.


Provides the same functionality as ATAudio, except for video files. Just as with ATAudio, the files are stored on the file system. ATVideo can playback video formats such as Quicktime (.mov), Windows Media (.wmv) and Real Video (.rm) files.


Photos can be uploaded to the site and the photo metadata is extracted and stored with the photo object. The photos can be grouped into albums and viewed in a slideshow (with cross-fading effects using Javascript). ATPhoto import photos from Flickr to a Plone site, and upload photos stored on a Plone site to Flickr using the Flickr API. ATPhoto subclasses the ATImage and extends it with additional metadata using IPTC and EXIF python library mmpython.


Large files can be time consuming to upload into a Plone site. PloneJUpload is a Plone product that provides an Upload files tab on folderish content types. When you click on this tab, you see an interface (Java applet) which lets you add multiple files to a queue, and then upload them all at once. It shows a progress bar indicator so you know how much time is remaining in the upload process.


Tramline from Infrae is an upload and download accelerator that plugs into Apache. Its aim is to make downloading and uploading large media to an application server easy and fast, without overloading the application server with large amounts of binary data. PloneTramline contains a few patches to Plone to make Tramline work with Plone.

Demo site

There is a demo site available where you can try out the above products.


You need at least Zope 2.8.x to use PloneMultimedia. Zope 2.7.x will not work.

Get involved

The PloneMultimedia suite of products are a work in progress and we encourage all those interested to join in the development, documentation and testing. You can find us in #plone4artists and the plone.multimedia newsgroup

If you want to help with bug fixing and/or implementing new features, the outstanding issues can be found in the product's issue tracker on

Current Release

No stable release available yet.

All Releases

Version Released Description Compatibility Licenses Status
1.0 This is a technology preview release of the PloneMultimedia suite of products. It is intended to get feedback on these products which have up to this point not been released. More about this release…
Plone 2.1.2
GPL alpha