Plone Event Naming Guidelines

Guidelines on using the word “Plone” in event names.

The word "Plone" is a trademark owned by the Plone Foundation. If you wish to use the word "Plone" in the name of an event, you must follow these guidelines:

  1. The event must primarily feature the Plone Content Management System;
  2. The event must not represent itself in any way that suggests it is official or has been endorsed or sponsored by the Plone Foundation unless it has been endorsed explicitly by the foundation.
  3. Please contact the Plone Foundation for approval if you wish to call your event a Plone conference.

If you wish to call your event a conference, the additional following guidelines hold, and are intended to prevent confusion:

International Plone


You may not call your event the “International Plone


” or “Plone


<year>” without this being a foundation-approved event, as these names are reserved for this particular purpose. This is an event that is a main gathering for Plone developers and users around the world. The Plone Foundation selects the location for this event.

Regional Plone Conferences

Regional Conferences should be named for the country or region in which they are held, e.g. “Plone


Denmark”, or in the case of US states, “Texas Plone


”. You may phrase this however it makes sense in your language/region, the most important thing is to not name it after an area larger than a country or US state.

Larger Conferences

If your event covers more than a nation or US state (e.g., South American Plone Conference), or is topical in character (e.g., Plone in Education Conference), please contact the Foundation in advance so that we can help coordinate regional resources.

Regional Plone Conferences used to be called “Symposia”, but this


scheme was changed to avoid misunderstandings.

Amended, 1 November, 2012 to clarify naming options

The Plone Foundation has no preference for the name “conference” over other names for regional events. But, there is only one “Plone Conference.”