Foundation Policy Resolutions

Policy resolutions that have been adopted by the Plone Foundation

Agenda Content / Distribution Policy

Agendas should be posted at least two days in advance, include correspondence listing.

Board Meeting Attendance Policy

Plone Foundation board members are expected to attend most regularly scheduled meetings.

Code of Conduct

Anti-Harassment and Anti-Bullying Code of Conduct for Plone.

Plone Event Naming Guidelines

Guidelines on using the word “Plone” in event names.

Diversity Statement

The Plone Foundation and global Plone community actively encourage the involvement and participation of everyone....

General Committee Membership Policy

The board should reappoint committees yearly.

Handling of Conflicts of Interest

Plone Foundation Policy on recognizing and handling conflicts of interest

Host and Domain Names for User Groups

A policy on use of * and plone.?? names for Plone user groups

Licensing of Board Materials

Documents authored and published by the board are licensed under Creative Commons licenses

Policy for Contributor Agreements and Patches

Short version: patch submitters must sign the Plone Contributor Agreement before their patches can be merged.

Policy on Disclosure of Interests

Directors are expected to disclose financial and strong personal interests

Plone Theme Licensing Policy

Plone Foundation policies and recommendations on licensing of Plone themes, and criteria for listing themes on

Stipend for Communications/Marketing Team Leader

Approved by the Plone Foundation Board on June 9, 2016

Valuation of Plone Intellectual Property

The board established a $3,000,000 valuation for the Plone 3.3 code base.

Plone Event Financial Policy

approved by the Foundation Board on January 26, 2017