Minutes for November 1, 2012

Conference vs. Symposium; Marketing Committee membership approved.

Called to order at 20:05 UTC



Present: Carol, Liz, Érico, Matthew W, Paul, Matt H, Steve

Approval of the minutes of October 18th

Érico moved approval, Matt H seconded

Unanimously approved

Check if action items were followed up

Logo violation needs follow up.

New Business

Incoming correspondence

  • Query about Catalonian community site/domain
    Matt H is checking up on the dispute on the domain name; this is with the lawyer.
    Message asked if we would allow subdomains like cat.plone.org.
    Paul will ask AI team about degree of work required.

  • Message concerning Open Source in Government Use Case Studies
    Organization seeking case studies of use of Plone in gov settings.
    Will distribute call to users; board members will prod some people that we know should respond. Paul will send to users.

  • Received two notes on n

    ew and renewed sponsorships (informational, Carol is making sure of follow up)

  • Telephone question on how to become a Plone provider. Liz responded; no reply.

  • Local group naming policy question (on agenda: regional naming)

  • Letter on Plone Foundation membership policies (on agenda, membership committee)

Start creating an overall budget for 2013, with separate budgets for marketing and Sprint support.

Érico and Paul will start on a base skeleton. We’ll modify that based on goals, including fund raising. Marketing and sprinting will be separate components.
Carol and Matt H are going to work on the marketing committee.

Start creating a higher-level plan (for instance 3 years) on a money raising strategy

Liz, Érico, Steve, Paul will work on this as a subcommittee, bring back to board

Start creating a higher-level plan (for instance 3 years) on spending strategy

Marketing, Sprints, paid officer, administrative expenses

Paul, Matthew W, Liz will work on this as a subcommittee.

Naming of regional Plone gatherings

We have a policy that seems to favor “conference” over titles like “symposium”.

General agreement that the board doesn’t particularly favor “conference” over other names.

Érico moved to acknowledge that we have no preference for the name “conference” over other names for regional events. But, there is only one “Plone Conference.”

Liz seconded
Unanimously approved
Steve will drop a note to PSMW organizers.

Old business

Discussion of goals and expectations for this term.

Homework for board: continue working on refining the document in the shared work space.

Discussion on board transparency and task tracking.

Steve has created a spreadsheet in board shared area for tracking correspondence, so that we don’t drop small items. Agendas will carry notes telling folks how to email the board to comment or raise new business.

Structure of the Marketing Committee / Communication Team

Matt H: Fred Van Dijk is joining Carol and Matt H. Others still being contacted. Matt will update the Plone.Org pages.

Steve moved we confirm Fred, Carol and Matt H as members of Marketing Committee.
Paul seconded

Unanimously approved

Plone.com progress/discussion

Not much progress since last meeting due to event conflicts, but proceeding.

Membership Committee short progress report

Matthew W has sent out a solicitation for members to PF membership. Due by end of next week. Matt expects to have a list to consider at the next meeting.

Brief discussion of Chris’ correspondence and membership guidelines. General consensus that we think the current guidelines are sufficient and expect the committee to follow them.

Current guidelines are available at:


Discussion of Advisory board members

We’re working on a list. Paul proposed to continue refining it and looking for diversity in some areas. General brainstorming. Paul asked we continue to work on this.

Contributor agreement process

Liz has gathered all the materials needed. She’ll be delivering a summary soon.

Contributor agreement itself: Nothing heard from lawyers yet. Matt H and Liz following up.

Short items

Paul will be doing a letter from board to thank 4digits for their outstanding work on the conference.

Adjourned at 21:25 UTC