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Philip and Fred

Brought to you by Philip Bauer and Fred van Dijk.

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Episode #17 - September 14th 2023

Catch up, three sprints, Plone 6.0.6 and 5.2.13, Tune-Up Day, Foundation News, PloneConf '23 and some fresh add'ons

Youtube: - (1h29m)

We're back from a too long pause. After recording two TPN's in april and both of us attending the Beethoven sprint, live happened and we were very busy with work and life in general. So, we have some catching up to do. Just short of 1h30m we talk about three Plone sprints that were held in May and June, the last Plone 6.0.6 release and releases 'in the works'.

While preparing the news and script for this podcast we totally overlooked a 5th sprint that whill be held In one week from our recording time:

The Earl Zope Sprint 2023 - Halle Germany, organised by Gocept. The sprint will be organised on September 21st and 22nd, with a Gocept 23rd Anniversary party on September the 23rd ,where sprint participants are also invited for.

While we were chatting and relaxing, Release Manager Maurits van Rees finished the Release Candidate of Plone 6.0.7 on the same day. You can find this pre release announced on with all details, please test if you have some time available, so we can have a stable final release next week.

But there was plenty to talk about nonetheless:

  • Plone 6.0.6 and previous (6.0.5/6.0.4) releases, highlights
  • Plone 5.2.13
  • Volto updates and features in the 17 alpha releases
  • Classic-UI Team startup
  • Plone Foundation news
    • 7 new members welcomed to the Foundation
    • Vote on proposes changed to the Plone Foundation Bylaws
  • Recent Sprints held in May and June 2023.
    • Beethoven Sprint, Bonn
    • Midsummer Sprint, Jyväskylä
    • Cerrado Sprint, Brasilia
  • Upcoming Events
    • Monthly Plone Tune-Up day, September 15th online
    • PloneConf 2023, October 2nd- to 8th , Eibar
  • And we had some time left to discuss add'ons.
    Fred mentions a number of small add'ons for Plone 6 Classic-UI, that you could add to your projects' policy or content packages but is easier to add and activate :
  • Philip discusses 4 ways to add Drop Down menu's to a Volto base Plone website
  • And finally we ponder about the possibility of a Plone 6.1 alpha release before PloneConf.

We hope you enjoy this new podcast, hope to see you online soon or in person at PloneConf in October!

Episode #15D - April 25th 2023

World Plone Day edition Sonderausgabe - TPN auf Deutsch

Youtube: - (47m)

For World Plone Day 2023 we decided for once to do a special TPN recording in another language that we both can speak. So we recorded this one in German as an extra episode, hence the 'D'.

We discussed the latest Plone patch releases, but the remainder of the recording we talk about Plone 6, what it is, why we have a new frontend but also still Classic UI and we of course demo'd Volto.

Episode #15 - April 23th 2023

World Plone Day edition: Ploneconf '23 website launched, Plone 5.2 and 6 releases, upcoming springs, strategic tasks for Plone

Youtube: - (1h06m)

We're so sorry, we forgot to add the World Plone Day edition of the recording to our section here on and only found out while doing the next recording in Autumn. Here it still is, we recorded this on Sunday 23th but it went live on WPD on April 26th.

Topics discussed in this podcast:

  • The PloneConf 2023 website is live and one of the keynote speakers is announced: Olatz Perez de Viñaspre, an associate professor at the University of the Basque Country.
  • The Alpine City Sprint 2023 held in Innsbruck in February 6th to 10th
  • Plone 6.0.3 and 6.0.4 releases, with their releated Volto 16 updated releases
  • The Plone 5.1.12 release
    • where the control panel now shows a warning if you use an unsupported Python version with Plone 5.2
  • Upcoming events: World Plone Day 2023. Oh wait, this TPN episode is one of the many great video's aired during World Plone Day
  • The upcoming Beethoven Sprint in Bonn, Germany in May.
  • The Midsummer Sprint in Jyväskylä, Finland planned at the end of June.
  • And we discuss 'strategic tasks for for Plone'

Episode #14 - March 10th 2023

Installing and developing Plone with Docker

Youtube: - (1h31m)

(Audio only version on ACast)

Fred is still sneezing and coughing occasionally during the recording, but after some delay to get over most of his cold, here is a fresh TPN!

Topics discussed in this podcast:

  • The Alpine City Sprint 2023 held in Innsbruck in February 6th to 10th
  • Plone 6.0.2 release
  • News about the Mastering Plone Training
  • Upcoming events: World Plone Day, submit a talk if you haven't so!
  • And the date of the Beethoven Sprint is now public: 15th to 19th of May.
  • We discuss some results / aera's worked on in Innsbruck like the Plone Addon Gallery, The Plone Architecture definition, and there is a new and promising implemtnation for Plone Distributions.
  • Our feature of this week deals with Container/Docker based Development and Deployment, which was also a fiercely worked on topic at the Sprint:
    • Fred is a member of the AI-Team and last year we started with improving the development and delployment system of our own website, mainly the websites. During the Innsbruck sprint we worked out ideas to improve not only the deployment but also the scaffolding of new projects based on ideas from Erico Andrei (who is also an AI-team member).
  • We decided to 'eat our own dog food' and apply our setup first on the project. website. No, that site is not live yet, or fully developped, but it has been deployed.
  • Fred talks Philip through the new style setup as Philip is not that much into containerised setups yet at all. Neither was Fred a few months ago, but you live and learn ;-)

Enjoy the show! Unfortunately because of the rather long screencast and showing the ploneconf website ci/cd setup the audio version will be a bit difficult to listen to in audio only format.

The setup that Fred presents is really a first MVP of a lot of ideas that have been worked out, but we could really need more feedback on the configuration as is. We also didnt't get much further than the development part: in one of the next TPN's Fred will show more about the deployment part.


Episode #13 - February 4th 2023 - (1h5m)

(Audio only versions on ACast)

Back from a not only relaxing holiday season and a too busy January, we recorded the next TPN episode just in time for the first on location sprint in 2023.

We discuss:

  • The Plone 6 release
  • Plone 6.0.1 and 5.2.11 minor patches
  • Plone 4.3 out of support
  • The 2023 priorities of the Plone Foundation board
  • The Upgrade of the Steering Circle to version 2.0
  • The upcoming Alpine City Sprint 2023 : Let Plone shine like a diamond


(Fred) Stupid me, always fact check what you say if you pretend to be a journalist. Ahem

In the unlikely case somebody checks the podcast, I think I say at the end the first meeting place for the Alpine City sprint participants on sunday evening is at Café Central on sunday the 5th of february. That might still be so for people arriving LATE, but for the early arrivals, there's place reserved at Stiftskeller from 5pm according to the Alpine City Sprint Planning Document. Sorry!)