Plone Foundation approved as tax deductible 501(c)(3) charity

Plone Foundation is now 501(c)(3) exempt.

The Plone Foundation received its response from the IRS: it is now a tax exempt organization classified as a public charity for a 5 year ruling period. Thanks to the efforts of Geoff Davis and Toby Roberts from the Plone Foundation, and primarily the work of Karen Sandler at the "Software Freedom Law Center":, we were notified amazingly quickly. (Thanks especially to Karen for the patience.) Massive kudos to the SFLC. Working with Dan Ravicher, Karen, and Eben Moglen has been a wonderful experience — thanks! So this year, you can donate money to the Plone Foundation **and** get a tax write-off. We will be adding links to online donation forms over the next couple of days.