Volto 15.0.0 Released

The Volto Team is happy to announce the latest major release of the Plone 6 UI

The Plone community, in particular the Volto team, is happy to announce that Volto 15 is ready and shipped!

Volto is Plone's snappy, modern React front end powered by the RestAPI, and the default for Plone 6.

Volto 15.0.0

New feature highlights

Volto grid block

  • Add `cookiesExpire` value to config to control the cookie expiration @giuliaghisini
  • DatetimeWidget 'noPastDates' option: Take widgetOptions?.pattern_options?.noPastDates of backend schema into account. @ksuess
  • Add a new type of filter facet for the Search block. Heavily refactor some searchblock internals. @tiberiuichim
  • Add date range facet to the search block @robgietema
  • Introduce the new `BUILD_DIR` runtime environment variable to direct the build to run in a specific location, different than `build` folder. @sneridagh
  • Handle redirect permanent calls from the backend in the frontend (e.g. when changing the short name) @robgietema
  • Added id widget to manage short name @robgietema
  • Refactor language synchronizer. Remove it from the React tree, integrate it into the Api Redux middleware @sneridagh
  • Add blocks rendering in Event and NewsItem views (rel plone.volto#32) @nzambello @ksuess
  • Complete Basque translation @erral
  • Complete Spanish translation @erral

Breaking changes

  • Upgrade `react-cookie` to the latest version. @sneridagh @robgietema
  • Language Switcher no longer takes care of the change of the language on the Redux Store. This responsibility has been unified in the Api Redux middleware @sneridagh
  • Markup change in `LinkView` component.
  • Rename `core-sandbox` to `coresandbox` for sake of consistency @sneridagh
  • Extend the original intent and rename `RAZZLE_TESTING_ADDONS` to `ADDONS`. @sneridagh
  • Lazyload draftjs library. See the upgrade guide on how that impacts you, in case you have extended the rich text editor configuration @tiberiuichim @kreafox
  • Deprecating `lang` cookie in favor of Plone official one `I18N_LANGUAGE` @sneridagh



for more information about all the breaking changes.


  • Fix the `null` error in SelectAutoComplete Widget @iFlameing
  • Prevent the MultilingualRedirector to force 4 content load when switching the language @reebalazs
  • Fix the upload image in contents view @iFlameing
  • add "view" id to contact-form container for main content skiplink @ThomasKindermann
  • Fix loading indicator positioning on Login form submit @sneridagh
  • Fix redirect bug with URLs containing querystrings @robgietema
  • Fixed id widget translations @robgietema
  • Contents Rename Modal, use `id` Widget type @sneridagh
  • Fix overflow of very long file name in `FileWidget` @sneridagh
  • Fix overflowing issue in the toolbar @kreafox
  • Overwrite current block on insert new block. @robgietema
  • Fix hot reload on updates related to the config object because of `VersionOverview` component @sneridagh
  • Fix error when lock data is gone after an invariant error. @robgietema


  • Change prop `name` -> `componentName` in component `Component` @sneridagh
  • Add new RawMaterial Volto websites in production @nzambello
  • House cleanup, remove some unused files in the root @sneridagh
  • Move Webpack related files to `webpack-plugins` folder @sneridagh
  • Remove unused Dockerfiles @sneridagh
  • Update Docker compose to latest images and best practices @sneridagh
  • Improve flaky test in coresandbox search Cypress tests @sneridagh
  • Better implementation of the add-on load coming from the environment variable `ADDONS` @sneridagh
  • Turn `lazyLibraries` action into a thunk. Added a conditional if the library is loaded or in process to be loaded, do not try to load it again. This fixes the lag on load `draftjs` when having a lot of draftjs blocks. @sneridagh
  • Use `@root` alias instead of `~` in several module references. Most of the Volto project code no longer needs the root alias, so it makes sense to phase it out at some point @tiberiuichim
  • Alias `lodash` to `lodash-es`, as this will include only one copy of lodash in the bundle @tiberiuichim


  • Upgrade Guide i18n: Make clear what's project, what add-on. @ksuess
  • (Experimental) Prepare documentation for MyST and importing into `plone/documentation@6-dev`. @stevepiercy
  • Fix broken links and redirects in documentation to be compatible with MyST. @stevepiercy
  • Update add-on internationalization. @ksuess
  • Add MyST and Sphinx basic configuration for rapid build and comparison against MkDocs builds. @stevepiercy
  • Fix many MyST and Sphinx warnings. @stevepiercy
  • Remove MkDocs configuration. See https://github.com/plone/volto/issues/3042 @stevepiercy
  • Add Plone docs to Intersphinx and fix broken link. @stevepiercy
  • Get version from `package.json` @sneridagh
  • Remove legacy folder in docs @sneridagh
  • Backport docs of RAZZLE_TESTING_ADDONS environment variables. See https://github.com/plone/volto/pull/3067/files#diff-00609ed769cd40cf3bc3d6fcc4431b714cb37c73cedaaea18fe9fc4c1c589597 @stevepiercy
  • Add missing developer-guidelines/typescript to toctree @stevepiercy
  • Add Netlify for a preview of Sphinx builds for pull requests against `master` and `plone6-docs`. @stevepiercy
  • Clean up toctree errors by removing obsolete files, adding `:orphan:` field list, and reorganizing some files. @sneridagh and @stevepiercy
  • Switch to using netlify.toml to configure Netlify Python environment. @stevepiercy
  • Convert admonition syntax from Markdown to MyST. @sneridagh
  • Make links build both in Volto and Plone documentation. See https://github.com/plone/volto/pull/3094 @stevepiercy
  • Fix StoryBook build @sneridagh

What's Next

Where do we go from here? Plone 6! Right now, the only major feature missing is content rules and the new Slate editor. The rest of Plone’s features are covered in Volto 16.

So the work is not over yet. We still need helping hands and contributors to continue the effort to make Plone 6 a reality. Everybody is welcome!


We would like to thank all the people involved in creating Volto 15. It is amazing how much we were able to accomplish as a team, and as a community, during the last months.



for more information about all the breaking changes.

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