Plone selected for 2022 Google Summer of Code

Program fosters skills of young programmers interested in the Open Source model

Once again this year members of the Plone open source community will mentor students and other young people interested in learning how to develop their skill and to contribute to an open source project. Plone has benefited greatly from the contributions of GSOC students since it began participating in the program in 2006. Many of those GSOC students have gone on to become core contributors to Plone as well as productive members of other open source software communities.

Students whose applications are accepted will work with a senior Plone programmer on one of a list of projects with the goal of making a contribution to the Plone code base or a related project. The Plone Foundation supports successful GSOC students by providing support for attending the annual Plone conference and for meeting other members of the diverse Plone / Python / Zope community.

Visit the GSOC home page and learn how to apply for the program

Check out our list of potential student projects for Plone in 2022

Student applications will open on April 4, 2022.

Join us !

Programmers report out at sprint in Sorrento, Italy