Plone 6 Beta Released

Plone 6 has reached its Beta stage, along with the new Plone 5.2.9.

Good news: the first beta release of Plone 6 has arrived! The release manager for this version is Maurits van Rees.

Thank you to everyone involved!

Read more about the upcoming Plone 6 and Plone 6 FAQ.


Major changes since 6.0.0a6:

  • Products.CMFPlone:

    • Removed our expressions patch. This was a patch to avoid some too strict checks by Zope / Products.PageTemplates. But in Plone 6 it should be fine to be stricter. The STRICT_TRAVERSE_CHECK environment variable is no longer read.
    • Initially open accordions in resource registry. Hide via JS when no errors occur. This makes it possible to fix a breaking error.
    • Resource bundle dependency on multiple comma-separated names.
  • plone.staticresources:

    • Register jquery and bootstrap globally. This helps a lot for add-ons.
    • Fix TinyMCE link/image modals.
  • plone.dexterity: Remove long deprecated imports and fallbacks.
  • plonetheme.barceloneta: Update to Bootstrap 5.2.0 (released this week).
  • plone.scale: Fix to ensure that when a scale that was registered using pre_scale is later actually generated by get_or_generate, it is stored with the same uid as the placeholder info that was stored by pre_scale. This avoids an issue where the same scale was generated repeatedly.

Volto frontend

The default frontend for Plone 6 is Volto. The latest release is 16.0.0-alpha.15.

This contains the much-anticipated integration of the volto-state editor. See the changelog.

Slate editor - toolbar example

Slate editor - editing links

Python compatibility

This release supports Python 3.7, 3.8, 3.9, and 3.10.

Support for Python 3.10 is still a bit provisional, as our testing infrastructure needs some updates before we can fully test this.

But your friendly Plone Release Manager is using Python 3.10 for local development, so it should be okay.


For installation instructions, see the documentation.

This documentation is under development, but this should get you up and running. No worries.

For technical wizards who want to jump straight in, here are two important links:

Plone 6

Plone 6 editing experience combines the robust usability of Plone with a blazingly fast JavaScript frontend

Try Plone 6 Beta!

For installation instructions, see the documentation.

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