Plone 6 FAQ

Frequently asked questions about Plone 6.

What is Plone 6?

Plone 6 is the new version of the Plone content management system.

Plone 6 is the first CMS on the market that combines the advanced features, best-in-class security, and scalability of an enterprise CMS with a modern, easy-to-use, and powerful front end based on the latest web technologies.

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When are Plone 6 versions released?

Plone 6.0 is now released!

Active community releases new versions and updates often.

Why should I use Plone 6 over Plone 5 (or any other CMS)?

Plone 6 combines the features, security, and scalability of an enterprise CMS with a modern, fast and easy-to-use front. True open source backed up by non-profit Plone Foundation.

The Plone 6 user experience has been redesigned from scratch to be awesome for all users. It's easy to create adaptive layouts using a flexible and powerful blocks system. Thanks to modern technologies, it is super fast to use.

Plone manages massive amounts of content really well, by useing easy to understand hierarchical folder structure. Similar to what users have been used to with Windows or OSX file systems. Addiotionally, Plone permission model can go the very detailed level.

Plone 6 also includes:

  • A powerful form builder. Editors can create forms via drag and drop and define actions such as sending form data via email or storing it in CSV format for later use.
  • No-code custom content types that can be created through the web, including metadata fields, behaviors and view templates.
  • A rich ecosystem with more than 100 add-ons; an active and enthusiastic community of developers and companies is creating new add-ons every day.

The quick growth of the Plone 6 community is the result of developer-friendly technology choices. It is built with the two most popular programming languages (Python and JavaScript) and an open-source software stack that powers some of the largest websites in the world.

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Are there sites that are already running on Plone 6?

Yes! Plenty of high-traffic sites both in public and private sectors around the World already run on Plone 6. Here are a few examples:

See Plone use cases.

Where can I find information about Plone 6?

Start with these:

Which frontend version of Plone 6 should I use?

Plone 6 has two frontend versions: The new Volto frontend (default) and Plone Classic.

The answer is rather simple:

1. If you are building a totally new site for new Plone users, and your developers are more familiar with JavaScript and frontend technologies, go with the new Plone 6 default user interface (called Volto).

2. If you are heavily invested in previous Plone versions and your users know it by heart, go with Plone 6 Classic. It contains various usability and accessibility improvements. It also includes a modernization of the JavaScript and CSS stack, with markup update to Bootstrap 5, making theme development easier.

Can I try Plone 6?

Yes! There are two public demo sites, where you can try it out:

Where I can get Plone 6?

Download the latest version at:

Where can I talk to Plone 6 developers?

Two places, at least:

How can I keep up to date with Plone 6 news?

Follow our social media channels or join the community forum.