Beethoven Sprint Recap - Progress Towards Plone 6

The Beethoven Sprint took place in Bonn, Germany, and Bucharest, Romania, with a focus on finishing the frontend part of Plone 6

The most effective (and fun) ways to move things forward in Open Source development are sprints - after years of remote sprinting due to COVID, we were finally able to hold a sprint in two locations simultaneously, with more than 25 people around the community gathering together.

The Beethoven Sprint was held in Bonn, Germany, and Bucharest, Romania.

Sprint Topics

These were the topics that we worked on:

Check the official sprint page for more details.


Main goals were achieved, and we are now closer than ever to make Plone 6 a reality. The main blocker, Slate in core, is on its way. Other nice-to-have features to be included in Plone 6 include:

  • "base_view" default for custom view-less content types
  • initial iteration of the core Block Style Wrapper
  • extensive work on the new images srcset for frontends
  • initial design of the infrastructure to support them on the backend
  • rethought and refactored user and groups control panel
  • migrations, classic-to-Slate, draftJS-to-Slate, classic-to-Volto in general
  • DnD support for nested structures
  • Schema driven stock Blocks support
  • Containers for backend and frontend, nightly for buildout.coredev
  • and fixed tons of bugs... 

just to name the most important... the PR list is huge! 

Thanks to: Andrea Cecchi, Balazs Ree, Bernd Wolber, Érico Andrei, Fred van Dijk, Ion Lizarazu, Jakob Kahl, Jens Klein, Katja Süss, Maurits van Rees, Mikel Larreategi, Philip Bauer, Piero Nicolli, Rob Gietema, Steffen Ring, Thomas Kindermann, Timo Stollenwerk, and Victor Fernandez de Alba



The Plone Beethoven 2022 sprint "two legs" summary from Romania:


  • volto-slate editor being merged into Plone6/Volto core advanced integration
  • "URL management"/"Aliases" control panel and contextual implemented for both backend and frontend
  • "Content rules" control panel and contextual implemented for the backend (API endpoints)
  • "Link Integrity for content objects" for Plone6 frontend implemented
  • ... and a couple of other generic issues solved!

Thanks to: Valentina Bălan, Laszlo Cseh, Maik Derstappen, Ionuț Dobriceanu, Valentin Dumitru, Krisztina Elekes, Alec Ghica, Andrei Grigore, David Ichim, Tiberiu Ichim, Răzvan Miu, Daniela Mormocea, Iulian Petcheși, and Alin Voinea.


Also, check out The Plone Newsroom podcast episode 8, where Philip, Fred and Victor talk about the Beethoven sprint, Plone 6 and Volto 16:

Upcoming sprints

Do you want to join the effort or meet new people? The friendly Plone community welcomes you to sprints this May: