Successful Google Summer of Code 2017

Thanks to our five GSoC students, their mentors, and our community coordinator!

Plone GSoC 2017 students in Barcelona

Google Summer of Code ("GSoC") is an annual international program open to university students in which Google awards stipends to all students who successfully complete a free and open-source software  project.

The Plone community is proud to announce four successful projects were completed for GSoC 2017. 

All five GSoC students were offered sponsorship by the Plone Foundation to travel to Barcelona for the Plone Digital Experience 2017 conference. Oshane, Mikko, Noel, and Shriyansh Agrawal (content import and export) were able to attend and present their work to enthusiastic audiences.

Cris Ewing was our new-for-2017 coordinator of the Plone community's GSoC involvement. The Plone Foundation Board expresses its gratitude to him on behalf of the entire Plone community for having managed this very important project.

We also truly appreciate the time and effort of our GSoC students and their mentors in continuing to move Plone forward.

On to 2018, for which we have already begun soliciting project ideas