Successful Beethoven Sprint in Bonn

In March 2017, fourteen Plone developers from eight different countries gathered in Bonn, at the office of the kitconcept GmbH, to advance the vision of Plone's future as a headless CMS.

The three-day sprint was a major success. After the sprint, plone.restapi 1.0a10 was released with more features than any other release before.

The release includes five new endpoints (sharing, vocabularies, copy/move, principals), as well as major enhancements to existing endpoints. The documentation was significantly improved, by allowing to auto-generate HTTP examples for curl, httpie, and for the Python requests library.

Pending API design decisions for framing, TUS upload and plone.api usage were discussed and resolved. The sprint concluded with a clear roadmap to a first final release of plone.restapi.

Guillotina, a new asyncio REST API resource database was revealed during the sprint and further enhanced.

A new React-based front-end for plone.restapi was developed and presented during the sprint. The first results are very impressive.

The work on our existing Angular2-based front-end was continued and a new Angular2 wrapper library for plone.restapi was created.

The sprint was kindly sponsored by the Plone Foundation, the German Python Software Foundation (PySV), The Python Software Foundation, CodeSyntax, Four Digits, Ganzgraph, kitconcept GmbH, and Virtual Network Consult AG .

Full daily sprint reports can be found here: day one, day two, and day three.