The Push for Plone 5: 8 Sprints by July

Summaries and (lots of) links to this year's past and upcoming sprints.

Four months into the year and already there have been four sprints! One is underway, another will begin tomorrow, Saturday, March 29, one is scheduled for the end of April, and another in June. That’s a total of eight sprints before the year is even half over! Thanks to the Plone Foundation’s sponsorship, we’re likely to match or break last year’s record of 18.

To host a sprint in your region or area of interest,

request sponsorship

from the Plone Foundation.

Most of the work has concentrated on Plone 5. To get an idea of what to expect in Plone 5 alpha, you’ll want to read through the Cathedral Sprint reports. To see how the new theme is developing, check out Ramon Bosch’s post, Theme Team Cathedral Sprint, and the test site for Plone Theme 5.0 (both are listed under the Cathedral Sprint). To find out what’s happening with the Docs, you will not want to miss the Stroopwafel Sprint reports; and keep an eye out for upcoming reports from Plone DocSprint Munich.

Though many of the blog posts linked below have been on Plone News and/or Planet Plone, sometimes they’re easier to read in context.

Coming Up

Plone Symposium Midwest

University of Wisconsin Oshkosh

June 13-22

Features pre-symposium training, two days of talks, and three days of sprints. The early-bird rate, a savings of $55, is available until April 1. For more information, to register, submit a talk, or suggest a sprint topic, visit Plone Midwest Symposium.

Plone Open Garden

Sorrento, Italy

April 22-26

The Plone Open Garden is the perfect event to understand the future of Plone: share your ideas and show your new developments in the speaker’s corner, dive into your favourite topics discussing them in the garden, and sprint around-the-clock to bring them to reality. There’s still time to sign up (it’s free!) and submit a talk or sprint proposal. For more information visit PLOG 2014.

Also, a call for help to get the Plone 5 theme & UI finished at PLOG.


Wine & Beer Sprint

March 29-April 2

Cape Town, South Africa and Munich, Germany

This sprint will focus on advancing Plone 5. It is coordinated with the Plone DocSprint in an overlapping weekend for who are people interested in attending both sprints. Sprint reports will be forthcoming; until then, visit the Project Home.

Plone DocSprint Munich

March 26-30

Munich, Germany

This sprint is a follow-up to the Stroopwafel Sprint, where the implementation of the new Plone documentation should be done ( This sprint is coordinated with the Wine & Beer sprint. Sprint reports will be forthcoming; until then, check out the Project Home.

Earlier this Year

Cathedral Sprint

Cologne, Germany

February 10-14

This sprint focused on the remaining tasks to push a first alpha release of Plone 5. More information is at:

Emerald Sprint

Whidbey Island, WA, US

March 13-17

This sprint focused on reworking the entire user registration and login process for Plone 5. A summary of the sprint with links to more (and updated) information is available in the recently published news article, A Very Brief Overview of the March Emerald Sprint.

Stroopwafel Sprint


February 7-9

This sprint focused on rearranging the current documentation to be ready for Plone 5x. Check out:

UK Fish & Chips Sprint

Islington, London, UK

January 31-February 1

This sprint focused on a proposal to remove the concept of default pages and make all content types folderish. More information is available at the Project Home, which links to a Google Doc that has a lot more information, and Dylan Jay’s YouTube video, Simplifying Plone with Tiles and Shortcodes.