Special Edition Newsletter: Plone Conference Bristol

Plone Bristol 2014 was a smashing success and in just a few minutes, you'll see why. In short, there is so much good stuff it warrants a newsletter all its own. Included in this special edition newsletter are videos of all of the talks and keynote speeches, many sets of slides, and a lot of notes.

First up, a group photo:

More photos are available on Flickr.

Next, an excellent video created by Abstract, starring some familiar faces:

In the relaxed atmosphere of PLOG, in April 2014, we asked people what expectations they have about Plone 5. In this video we collected some of the answers we've got, trying to cover all the different perspectives offered by users and developers alike.

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The Plone Communications Team

In this issue:

Day 2 Lightning Talks: Videos

Keynote Videos

The State of Plone, Eric Steele

Kickstarting the Personal Space Age, Michael Johnson

Plone 5 Talks: Videos (Days 1 & 2)

UX, Plone and You, Dylan Jay

Plone 5 Theming Unleashed, Víctor Fernández de Alba and Albert Casado

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Code Analysis for a Better Future, Gil Forcada Codinachs

CiviCRM Integration with Plone, Paul Roeland

Front-End Development with Plone, Ramon Navarro Bosch and Rob Gietema

RelStorage for Mere Mortals, Adam Forsythe-Cheasley and Matthew Sital-Singh

Portal Modelo, Portal Padrão: And How to be the De-Facto Standard for eGov Portals, Érico Andrei

Turbo-Boost Your Python Development with these Cloud Services, Nejc Zupan

Cultural Learnings of Documentation for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Plonistan, Paul Roeland & Sven Strack

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Big Fat Fast Plone - Scale Up, Speed Up, Jens W. Klein

Plone Deployment Made Easy, Pawel Lewicki and Kim Chee Leong

Future-Proof Websites with the contenttypes Framework of Plone 5, Philip Bauer

Running a Plone Product on Substance D, Eric Bréhault

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The Case for Plone Distributions, Érico Andrei

Ready, set... Mockup! Franco Pellegrini and Johannes Raggam

Plone Takes Your Content Into the Future, Armin Stross-Radschinski

Hands On with Multisite Management Using Lineage, Calvin Hendryx-Parker

New EEA Add-Ons to Improve Plone UX, Alin Voinea

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Day 1 Presentations: Videos

Life on Board the Plone Ship @ University of Leuven, Peter Jacobs and Yulia Kallistratova

Journeys with Transmorgrifier & Friends or How Not to Get Stuck in the Plone Dark Ages, Daniel Jowett

Plone at University of Jyväskylä—10 Years of Happiness—And Counting, Rikupekka Oksanen

Putting Plone Content on the Maps, Jean Jordaan

Why Plone is Going to Die! Andreas Jung

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Optimising Local Role Security, Matt Russell

Contents' Quality for Plone Editors, Maurizio Delmonte

The Beauty and the Beast. Modern Javascript Development with AngularJS and Plone, Timo Stollenwerk

The Mountaineers: Scaling the Heights with Plone, Sally Kleinfeldt

ApplicationCache and Plone: An Ongoing Battle, Jamie Lentin

Easy Online Business Processes with Plone Forms and Workflow, T. Kim Nguyen

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Day 1 Lightning Talks: Videos

Part 1

Part 2

Day 2 Presentations: Videos

enquos, What We Do and Why We Love Plone, Wyn Williams, COO

Providing a Plone-Based Content Management Service: 4 Years On, Helen Sargan

The Plone Intranet Consortium, Guido Stevens

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Social Learning in Brazilian Government with Plone: A Communities of Practice Platform, Joao Luis Tavares and Luciano Camargo Cruz

Structured Content Rocks–Integration ofeXist-db (XML database) with Plone, Andreas Jung

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Creating a Social Online Magazine in Plone, Maarten Kling

Acceptance Testing Plone Sites and Add-ons with Robot Framework and Selenium, Asko Soukka

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Layering Web Applications on Web Services with JSON Linked Data, Laurence Rowe

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Ancient to Modern: Upgrading Nearly a Decade of Plone in Public Radio, Chris Ewing

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Data Visualization in Plone–New Features, David Bătrânu

Plone Hosting: A Panel Discussion, Sally Kleinfeldt

"Falcon"–Supporting 300 Plone Instances with 3 Staff, Matthew Vernon

Overview Notes

Eric Steele: The State of Plone 5

Daniel Jowett: Journeys with Transmogrifier & Friends

Víctor Fernández de Alba and Albert Casado: Plone 5 Theming Unleashed

Ramon Navarro Bosch and Rob Gietema: Resource Registries

Matt Russell: Optimising Local Role Security

Timo Stollenwerk: The Beauty and the Beast. Modern Javascript Depelopment with AngularJS and Plone

Nejc Zupan: Turbo-boost Your Python Development With These Cloud Services

Paul Roeland and Sven Strack: Cultural Learnings of Documentation for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Plonistan

Plone Lightning Talks Wednesday

Eric Bréhault: Running a Plone product on Substance D

Jens W. Klein: Big Fat Fast Plone - Scale Up, Speed Up.

Guido Stevens: The Plone Intranet Consortium

Laurence Rowe: Layering Web Applications on Web Services with JSON Linked Data

Érico Andrei: The case for Plone Distributions

Franco Pellegrini and Johannes Raggam: Ready, set... Mockup!

Calvin Hendryx-Parker: Hands on with Multisite Management using Lineage

Keynote Michael Johnson: Kickstarting the Personal Space Age

Open space on Plone 2020

Led by Philip Bauer and Martin Aspeli

Plone Foundation Meeting

Items on the agenda: the old board leaves, new board enters, annual report.

Plone Lightning Talks Friday

Matt Hamilton Closing Remarks

Sprint Report Saturday

Assorted Articles

PloneConf 2014 in Review

The Plone Conference in Bristol 2014 has ended and was indeed a success with lots of interesting highlights. We will take a look at some of these highlights from presentations, talks, discussions to other coverage points of this high profile event.

Plone Conference 2014 で行ったこと

Plone Testing and Continuous Integration Team Report

Syslab.com Silver Sponsor at Plone Conference in Bristol 2014

The twelfth annual Plone Conference is taking place in Bristol from October 27th to November 2th 2014. It will be organised by British Plone company Netsight. Syslab.com will also participate and support this year´s event as Silver Sponsor.

Ploneconf, the First Three Days

Most of the Four Digits team are present at the Plone Conference in Bristol. We give a short update on the things we've experienced so far.

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