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Issue #10

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Upcoming Events

Documentation Strategic Meeting, Jan 16, Amsterdam

Alpine City Sprint; Jan 21–25; Innsbruck, Austria

PyCon US 2015; Apr 10–12; Montréal, QC

Anniversary Sprint 2015; Jun 22–26; Arnhem, The Netherlands


Upgrade to Plone 4.3.4!

New on Twitter @PloneDocs!

Welcome 2014-15 Plone Foundation Board Members

Two new and five returning members were confirmed during the Plone Bristol conference last month.

Our Site Launches!

Thanks to some serious GTD (get things done) attitude and the help of several kind souls at the Bristol Plone Conference sprint, we are happy to announce that PloneEdu's new home...

Special Edition Newsletter: Plone Conference Bristol

Included in this special edition newsletter are videos of all of the talks and keynote speeches, many sets of slides, and a lot of notes.

Get Help and Join the Community

How To

PloneFormGen Scripts to Store Uploaded Files in a Folder

Custom script adapters store files in a folder

How to Prevent PloneFormGen Form Submit Unless Two Email Addresses Match

You may have a PloneFormGen form that asks TWICE for an email address, if it's important that the address be entered correctly.  You do not want the form to be submittable unless both email addresses are the same.

Produce & Publish XML Edition Screencast

Here is a screencast of the Produce & Publish XML Edition that features an integrated environment for...

Handling PloneFormGen Submissions: The Email Adapter

PloneFormGen is a Plone add-on that makes it fast and easy to create forms on your website. With just a few clicks, you can quickly create contact forms, order forms, surveys or any other form for collecting and validating data submitted by site visitors.

Email Address Autocompletion

UW Oshkosh specific autocomplete for PloneFormGen replyto (email address) field

Using Email Address Autocomplete to Set a Name Field, and Vice Versa

Picking an email address sets the name field, and picking a name sets the email address field. Caveat: this information is specific to UW Oshkosh's email address autocompletion mechanism!

How to Upgrade an Old Plone Site

I have migrated several sites from Plone 4.1 to Plone 4.3.3 this week. I am in the fortunate position where I help maintain many Plone sites, most of them being more than 6 years old. Fortunate because it helps learn a lot, over the years, on the good and the bad in terms of content management practices.

How to Use Variables in Diazo

Variables can be used in your Diazo rules.xml from TAL expressions set in your theme.

Simplify Your TAL with These 2 Weird Tricks

I wanted to call attention to something Eric mentioned in his Plone Conference 2014 keynote.

Successful Link Building

How to build good backlinks?

Diazo Syntax Training

In this training we are going to learn about the Diazo Syntax.

Linking to a Catalog Index Using medialog.redirect

Towards a Generic Integration of External Data Sources into Plone

Supporting WebDAV services, Samba Shares or Dropbox in Plone? mr.mount might be the solution!

Mount a Plone Site into Another Plone Site

As part of the Plone Conference 2014 I finally ended up with the perversion to mount a Plone site through WebDAV into another Plone site.

Mounting WebDAV Folders Directly into Plone

As part on my work on zopyx.existdb I made some progres towards mounting arbitrary WebDAV services into Plone.

Learning Resources

Extended Mastering Plone Training in Munich in Spring 2015

We love to teach more than what is possible in two or three days. Because of this, we will offer an extended Plone training in wonderful Munich in spring 2015

Great Online Documentation about Mastering Plone

A new online documentation about mastering Plone has been created and published by Philip Bauer and Patrick Gerken from

Sprint Reports & Conference Summaries

DotJS: My First "No-Wireless" Conference

The conference beyond the Alps "DotJS" Paris, entirely dedicated to JavaScript.

Agile Day 2014. Second stage.

After the stage summer, with MiniIAD, the agile day recurs in the standard format in Ancona. Between old and new faces, we see what we were able to take home.

Web Summit: Where the Tech World Meets

Has just concluded in Dublin that has been called the most important digital event across Europe

Plone Conference 2014: The Highlights

The Plone Conference has once again proven its value. There were many excellent talks and everyone had a great time. In Open Spaces and during many discussions between talks the current state and the future of Plone became much clearer.

Bristol Plone Conference 2014: RedTurtle Was There for You

Every year the Plone conference is an amazing experience. We have been there to tell you what's going on.

Summary of Plone Conference 2014 Bristol

During the Plone Conference, as usual, I made summaries. You can see them all by checking the ploneconf2014 tag. I do this for you, with pleasure, but also for myself. Now I can read my own notes and gather my thoughts and remember what I actually heard. Here are a few highlights.

Add-ons and Customizations

Doing Code Releases with ZFS

Plone backups can be painful. Have you ever wanted to release a new version of your site while maintaining a way to quickly roll back if something goes wrong?

Performance Testing with Locust

We recently had a need to load test a new web application, and just could not get Jmeter to do anything useful. As an alternative, I tried using Locust. After a couple of hours, and fewer than 60 lines of code, I had a (mostly) working test.

Removing a Dexterity Behavior in Generic Setup Isn't Possible

Just so no one else wastes time with this: In the version of Generic Setup currently used in Plone 4.3.3 (1.7.4) it's not possible to remove a single behavior.

Lingua 3.6: Improved Template Handling and a New Extraction API

Since the last time I wrote about Lingua a lot has happened: Most significantly support for message contxts has been added, which can be used today in Pyramid applications, more information is provided for translators, and a new API for creating extraction plugins has been added.

Hands on with Multisite Management using Lineage (PloneConf14 Recap)

This post is a summary of my presentation at Plone Conf 2014.

Assorted Articles

A / B Testing: What is behind it?

We'll tell you what A / B Testing is, what benefits it has and what providers are there.

Eye Tracking: We Explain What is Behind it.

What is Eye Tracking and why is it so important?

New Feature on

You can now rent Holiday Rentals in online.

BIG K vs. tiny k - the staff di RedTurtle avoid a tragedy!

The presence of Dr. K and his doppelgänger Dr. k culminated in a furious scuffle promptly quelled by the indomitable boys RedTurtle.

Social Media: Let Images Do The Talking!

We will give you information about the optimal image sizes.

Everything to Know About the CMS

What is a CMS, what advantages does a CMS and what systems are there?

Scraping Cheap Airline Tickets

It all started with a bet long time ago. One of my friends couldn't believe that it is actually possible nowadays to travel around the world with low-cost airlines.

32 Theses on Nonprofit Compensation

1. Nonprofit work is hard work. It is complex, adaptive work where the answers are not known in advance — we have to invent them as we go. Most nonprofits are tackling huge problems with few resources and many face deep-pocketed opposition.

Reversion Control

Assuming you're using git for version control, let's say you've merged a feature branch into the master branch of some repository.


Morepath 0.9 Released!

This release doesn't involve earth-shaking changes like the 0.7 and 0.8 releases did, but it still has an interesting change I'd like to discuss.

Summary of My “Developer Laptop Automation” Talk

Last week I gave a talk at a python meetup in Eindhoven (NL).

eGenix mxODBC Connect 2.1.1 GA

eGenix is pleased to announce the immediate availability of eGenix mxODBC Connect™ 2.1.1 - Python Database Interface for Python 2.5 - 2.7.

Transmogrifier, the Python Migration Pipeline, Also for Python 3

TL;DR; I forked collective.transmogrifier into just transmogrifier (not yet released) to make its core usable without Plone dependencies, use Chameleon for TAL-expressions, installable with just pip install and compatible with Python 3.

Django Under the Hood: Python Templating - Armin Ronacher

(One of the summaries of a talk at the 2014 django under the hood conference). Armin Ronacher is the maker of many non-Django things such as Flask and Jinja2.

Better REST with Morepath 0.8

Today I released Morepath 0.8 (CHANGES). In this release Morepath has become faster, simpler and more powerful at the same time. I like it when I can do all three in a release!

Python Desktop Application Development - Therry van Neerven

(Summary of a talk at a python meeting in Eindhoven, NL. I also gave a presentation (just the slides)). He’s the author of the “sendcloud client”, a desktop app of the company he works for. It steers a barcode scanner and prints out packaging slips.

eGenix ThreadLock Distribution GA

eGenix is making a ThreadLock binary distribution available to simplify the setup for users of our mxODBC Plone/Zope database adapter.

Morepath 0.7: New Inter-App Linking

I've just released Morepath 0.7! What is Morepath? Morepath is a Python web framework. It tries to be especially good at implementing modern, RESTful backends. It is very good at creating hyperlinks. It is easy to use, but still lets you write flexible, maintainable and reusable code. Morepath is very extensively documented.

On GitHub: cleder/pypicount

Have you wondered how many times certain packages were downloaded from pypi during their lifetime? Or how well are your packages doing. You can use vanity but then you have to get every package name you want to check or you can use this package.