Zope Developers Camp 2006 Winter in Japan

Zope Developer Camp 2006 Winter - the Show sprint in Japan - will be held in Shiga plateau in Nagano. This event is to grow population of Zope developers and energize Japanese Zope scene.

Zope Developer Camp 2005 in Japan

Date:March 3 to 2,2006

Location:Hotel Ginrei - in Shiga plateau Japan

1. 10 minutes Blog portal - using Plone 2.1 and COREBlog2
hosted by Atsushi Shibata

2. Skin customization sprint - scrap the Plone default skin and build a new one
hosted by nyusuke

3. Plone product japanization sprint - Japanize useful Plone Product
hosted by Takanori Suzuki

4. Expand the "ATCT minimal product" - hosted by Takayuki Shimizukawa

5. Zope3 Example sprint - Make a buld example for zope3
hosted by Yusei Tahara

for details, please visit our website.(Japanese text only.)