STUDENTS: Sign up for Summer of Code by Monday May 8th!

Google Summer of Code is your chance to make Plone better and earn $4,500 in the process! However, we need student applications by Monday May 8th.

The Plone Foundation is a mentoring organisation in Google's Summer of Code 2006. **Students** - you can get a stipend of US$4,500 to work on cool Plone projects! That's right, $4,500 in your pocket, a detailed evaluation of your work that's guaranteed to be read by Google, personalised mentoring by core Plone members, and the knowledge that you are helping the Plone community evolve and grow. There's one catch - YOUR APPPLICATION NEEDS TO BE SUBMITTED THIS WEEKEND! The deadline for student applications is Monday May 8th at 5pm, Pacific Standard Time. For further details, please see "the Summer of Code overview":/events/summer-of-code/2006.