Share Your Enterprise Plone Deployment Story… Win an iPod!

This is your chance to win an entry to the panel discussion on “Plone and Large Enterprises” at the 2006 Plone conference.

Do you have compelling Plone implementation information to share? Great! Tell us your story and we will select the panelists from these entries. You may also qualify to win an iPod (winner to be announced after the panel discussion).

Munwar Shariff, Plone Foundation board member, CTO of CIGNEX and Co-author of the Plone Live book will be moderating a panel discussion on “Plone and Large Enterprises”. The panel discussion will be everything you wanted to brag about your Plone solution – architecture, extensibility, ease-of-use, scalability, or just the story of how Plone provided an elegant solution to a complex enterprise problem.

You could be invited to participate in the panel discussion during the fourth annual Plone Conference which will be held October 25-27 in Seattle, Washington, USA. For more details visit: the Plone Conference 2006 page.

Why are we doing this?

This is an effort at sharing the leading enterprise Plone deployment stories with the community. We expect this to increase the adoption of Plone in the enterprise. And we genuinely want only the very best Plone implementations – large enterprises, complex deployments and compelling statistics.

What is in it for you?

  • You could be short listed to participate in a Panel discussion “Plone and Large Enterprises” at the Plone conference
  • You could win an iPod
  • The Top-5 implementation stories will be shared at the Plone Conference

iPod Winner

Winner will be announced at the end of the Panel discussion and if you are not present to receive it in person, we will contact you by email.

Privacy Policy

Any information shared is for sole use at the Plone Conference, on, and on websites.


Submission – September 22, 2006

Announce Panelists’ selection – September 25, 2006

Sponsored by CIGNEX

CIGNEX ( is the Platinum sponsor for the Plone Conference 2006.

Just fill out the following form describing your Plone solution and email it to with a subject: Plone and Enterprise - <Your Company Name>.

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