Press Release: Plone Foundation Announces Plone Conference 2006


October 18, 2006 Plone Foundation Announces Plone Conference 2006 Seattle, WA - The Plone Foundation announced today the final conference program for the Plone Conference 2006, which will be held at at the Seattle Center in Seattle, Washington USA. "Attendees can expect three full days of talks, tutorials and workshops for Plone developers, folks implementing Plone in their organizations and people who are new to the Plone community. Plone Conference 2006 will feature both technical and non-technical talks covering the past, present and future of Plone and its vibrant community," said conference organizer Jon Stahl. "Highlights of the program include keynotes from Alexander Limi and Alan Runyan, Plone's co-founders, and a talk from Eben Moglen about 'Software and Community in the Early 21st Century.'" Eben Moglen is Chairman of the Software Freedom Law Center, Professor of Law and Legal History at Columbia University Law School, and General Counsel of the Free Software Foundation He was instrumental in helping to create the Plone Foundation, and is currently working on Version 3 of the GPL, an important open source license. The complete program can be found at the URL The training program will contain classes in general Plone Content Management, Skinning Plone and Testing and Development Practices and will be held by three outstanding Plone trainers: Richard Amerman, Joel Burton and Andy McKay. The conference will be immediately followed by code and community projects sprints from Oct 28-29. The conference homepage can be found at With over 300 registrants from 35 states and 20 countries, the conference is sold out but registration for the pre-conference trainings and post-conference sprint remain open. About Plone Plone is a leading open source Content Management System that balances out-of-the-box ease of use with powerful functionality. Thousands of organizations around the world including Marriott, eBay, NASA, and Oxfam use Plone to deliver websites that mature with their organizations. changing needs. Plone is available in over 35 languages, can be deployed on all platforms and is not tied to a singular vendor. The Plone ecosystem is composed of thousands of developers, over 50 consulting companies, user groups in over a dozen cities, several books and a 24-hour support forum. For more information: Jon Stahl, Conference Organizer Phone: +1 206 226 0818 -