Plone NGOs Mailing List Created, a new mailing list for the discussion of Plone in the NGO/charity sector, has just been created. Come and join us!

On Thursday, Oxfam GB hosted a wonderful event called Ploneability, focusing on their use of Plone for their intra-, inter- and extra-net solution. In case you didn't know, if it wasn't for Oxfam, we wouldn't have Duncan Booth and kupu would probably be a lot less useful to us; they also sponsored CMFEditions, created PloneMultiSite, worked on GoogleSATool, sent Laurence Rowe and Henrietta Ray to the Archipelago sprint, and made many other contributions. During the event, it became clear that many of the smaller NGOs/charities out there have similar problems, and that there is a need to share knowledge, experience, as well as software, to help them solve those problems. Plone is strong in the NGO/charity sector, and many of us feel that our values align well with those of charities such as Oxfam, Friends of the Earth, Shelter Centre and many others. It is therefore with great pleasure that I announce the plone-ngo mailing list - an open list for discussions, technical and non- technical, about the use of Plone in the NGO/charity sector. To subscribe, go to "": and follow the usual procedure. With time, it is my sincere hope that we, the wider Plone community and the charities that are out there saving the world, can learn from each other, and collaborate on making Plone an even better fit for their problems. As need arises, we'll hopefully also be able to set up other resources, such as repositories for documents and case studies, as well as for code. All the best, Martin