Plone Foundation Announces Plone 2.5

Release Enables Websites to Run 10 to 40 Times Faster

Press Release

San Francisco, CA, Wednesday, July 19th —

The Plone Foundation today announced Plone 2.5, a leading open source Content Management System. The newest release underscores Plone Foundation’s commitment to provide a simple to use, scalable and accessible system for organizing content at every stage of an organization’s growth.

With the addition of powerful caching technologies, Plone 2.5 enables websites to run 10 to 40 times faster than in previous versions. Plone 2.5 focuses on streamlining code, strengthening stability, and increasing flexibility. The release incorporates the latest generation of the underlying Zope application server, setting the groundwork for Plone Foundation’s anticipated 3.0 release, available early 2007. Plone 3.0 will substantially increase ease-of-use and efficiency through user interface improvements.

“Our business environment is constantly changing,” said Jackson Ratcliffe, Executive Director of IT at Dominican University of California. “As a university with a diverse and expansive user base—ranging from professors to alumni—we needed an easy-to-use solution that would be able to quickly scale and adjust to our requirements. Plone allows us to customize our websites, integrate with other systems on campus and streamline our work processes. We reduced bottlenecks created by IT dependency and increased our department’s productivity. The increased speed and stability of Plone 2.5 will make a huge impact on our productivity.”

Plone 2.5 allows users to install websites in a day and manage content throughout the years. The availability of over 400 add-on content modules, such as blogging, wikis, shared calendaring, document management, issue trackers and frameworks for building AJAX applications, gives organizations a reliable, powerful and scalable open standards approach to disseminating and managing content.

“Plone has reached a stage in development where the system is mature, stable and predictable,” says Alec Mitchell, Plone Release Manager. “This latest release is targeted towards large to mid-sized organizations, which often have sophisticated authentication and more complex scalability requirements.”

About Plone

Plone is a leading open source Content Management System that balances out-of-the-box ease of use with powerful functionality. Thousands of organizations around the world including Marriott, eBay, NASA, and Oxfam use Plone to customize and develop websites that mature with their organizations’ changing needs. Plone is available in over 35 languages, can be deployed on all platforms and is not locked to a singular vendor. The Plone ecosystem is composed of thousands of developers, over 50 consulting companies, user groups in over a dozen cities, several books and a 24-hour support forum. Gain control over your content, visit