Want to host the Plone Conference 2006?

Who is interested in playing host to this most talented and excellent community? Who shall come forth to take his/her rightful place in the Hall of Plone Heroes? Where shall we assemble and marshal our forces, and what shall the battle plan be?

The Plone Foundation hereby opens the discussion for Plone Conference 4, anno 2006.

After 7 years at Microsoft, I was a bit skeptical a year ago when my colleagues told me that they were to build eduCommons on Plone, Zope and Python.

Well, if I ever had any doubts, after this week, they are now vapor. What a beautiful and vibrant community you have developed. I truly hope this is not my last Plone conference. You have all been so incredibly gracious. Thank you for hosting such a delightful event.

— "John Dehlin":http://cosl.usu.edu/ *on the Plone Conference 2005*

What we will look for in your proposal: Organizational Prowess -- Arranging the Plone Conference is no small task, so some organizational experience is preferred. Tell us about your previous events, how excellent your staff is, who will be responsible for tasks (large and small) before, during, and after the event. Easily Accessible Location -- Are you near a transportation hub? Can people reach you easily by plane/train, even from multiple continents? Are flights affordable during the time of year you are proposing? Are there travel restrictions for entering the country you propose? Reasonable Accommodation Options -- Is lodging easy to find, and does the location you are proposing offer a range of accommodation choices for different budgets? Lodging in big cities often costs more than registration or travel, and in other places it is just plain difficult to find. Also, is lodging near the conference site, or will people have to incur additional costs to get to and from the site? Effective Logistics -- Can you gain access to all the equipment needed, including reliable internet connectivity, display projectors, caffeination stations & catering service, etc.? Target size -- 250-350 people. Feel free to choose an upper limit that best matches your venue and resources. The Expense Factor -- Many people can’t afford expensive conferences. We would prefer inexpensive/low-tech to expensive/slick to ensure greatest participation. What is your target rate? Venue Comfort -- Please describe the location for the conference. Can it service multiple tracks and breakouts? Cost of Living -- In many major cities, costs of everything from meals to traffic are just more expensive. How does your location fit in? Sponsorship Viability -- Previous conferences have leveraged sponsorship to ensure financial viability, but please understand that this is the job of the proposing host, not the Plone Foundation. What leads do you have for sponsorship? Media Attention -- What type of press hits can we expect if your organization hosts the conference? Savvy Track Themes -- What innovative ideas do you have for conference tracks that will make the conference unique, current, and valuable for attendees? Overview of responsibilities The arrangers of a Plone Conference have the responsibility of getting sponsors, to help get the talk and tutorial speakers to the conference, make sure everyone gets food, and making sure everything proceeds according to plan. The Plone Foundation will offer advice and recommendations in addition to officially recognizing the event, but **does not have the capacity to get directly involved with the actual organizational issues** - so be prepared to work as an independent unit if you want to organize the conference. If you have a company or a band of volunteers that are interested in organizing the main Plone event in 2006, Plone Foundation would like to hear from you. Please submit a proposal that speaks to the selection criteria described above. Timeline - Proposals are due to the Foundation no later than midnight, GMT, on February 25, 2006. - Proposals will be reviewed by the Foundation Board, and the field narrowed to 3 entries by March 4, 2006. - Foundation members (and only members) will vote from March 4 – March 11, 2006 (voting opens and closes at midnight GMT). - At the closing of the voting period, the location with the most valid votes will be selected the official location for the Plone Conference 2006. - In the event of a tie, the Foundation Board will select among the two contenders. The organizations submitting proposals that are not selected are encouraged to turn their plans into regional events like the Plone Symposium. Regional events usually have good attendance, and is essential for growing the Ploniverse beyond the cities already conquered. Proposals should be submitted to the Plone Foundation Board within February 25th 2006.