Plone Solutions donates multilingual infrastructure to Plone Foundation

Multilingual content management infrastructure now under the governance and protection of the Plone Foundation.

(San Francisco, March 1, 2006)

Plone Solutions today donated the multilingual content management component "LinguaPlone":/products/linguaplone to the Plone Foundation. "LinguaPlone is a very important part of Plone's outstanding multilingual content management capabilities, and further strengthens Plone's already dominant presence in this market", said Dr. Geoff Davis from the Plone Foundation. "We are delighted that Plone Solutions have chosen to donate their software and intellectual property rights to the Plone Foundation". Alexander Limi from Plone Solutions said: "It is important that a project with the global reach of Plone has a sophisticated and easy to use multilingual content management solution. LinguaPlone accomplishes this, and we are happy to have it under the governance and protection of the Plone Foundation." The workflow integration between Plone and LinguaPlone makes it easy to manage big websites where a lot of languages are maintained, even on a big repository of content. LinguaPlone also supports export to the industry-standard XLIFF format, which makes it easy to work with professional translation agencies. LinguaPlone can be "downloaded from the products area":/products/linguaplone at, and requires the "Plone CMS":/download installed. For developers, it is "available under the public code repository of the Plone Foundation":