Handbook for Plone authors and editors available

For the first time, a book specifically for Plone content creators and editors has been published in North America.

Content Management with Plone: Handbook for Authors and Editors became available last week at Amazon.com. It had been available at Amazon.de and from its German publisher, gocept. The book's presence on Amazon.com allows Plone users in the United States and Canada to get it more easily, quickly and inexpensively.

While other Plone books target developers and system administrators, Content Management with Plone is the only guide aimed primarily at content creators and editors. The book also is a support tool for trainers. The tutorial section can serve as workshop material, while the reference section can complete trainers’ own knowledge of Plone’s functions.

Content Management with Plone has been updated to cover Plone 2.1 and is useful even with customized installations. Contents include:

  • A comprehensive tutorial
  • The basics of Plone
  • Explanation of standard content types
  • Understanding members, roles and groups
  • Working with content
  • Using the publication workflow
  • Using the visual editor

Authors Thomas Lotze and Christian Theune develop Zope and Plone applications for gocept, a software engineering firm in Halle, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany. Theune also is a core developer of Zope and chair of the board of the German Language Zope User Group. Content Management with Plone: Handbook for Authors and Editors is the English translation of their German book, Content Management mit Plone: Handbuch für Autoren und Redakteure. It is published in the United States by Enfold Systems, the firm led by Plone co-founder Alan Runyan and specializing in products and services that make Plone easier to adopt.