Plone 2.5 Bug Day Friday (8/4)

There will be a bug day geared toward making Plone 2.5.1 on Friday August 4, 2006. Join us in #bugday on to participate.

It's about time for a bug fix release on the Plone 2.5 series, which means we'll be holding a Bug Day (tm) Friday focused on this release. All users and developers interested in helping Plone are welcome to join us in #bugday on at any point during the day. Have a look at the `current 2.5 bug list`_ (it's a doosy, but don't let that scare you too much). Additionally, there are a few bugs that we think are very important to knock down before 2.5.1 on a separate list of `2.5.1 bugs`_. There is also little list of current bugs that can probably be tackled by `motivated newbies`_. Looks like fun, no? You're probably wondering how you can help, right. Here's how: * Head to the IRC channel * Pick out a bug from the list * Announce to the channel the bug that you are interested in (there are plenty to go around, no brawling please) * Verify that it is genuine (preferably with a unit/integration test) * Ask for help/guidance whenever you need it * Fix it and commit it (or get a committer to commit the fix for you) * The bug can now be assigned to the presently empty 2.5.1 milestone and closed * Start over again at step 2 (stop when it's not so fun anymore, feel free to start again later) Even those who don't have commit rights or aren't ready to start coding can join in the fun helping out with prioritizing, assigning, and verifying the existing bug reports. So come one come all and give a little love to your favorite CMS. .. _`current 2.5 bug list`: .. _`motivated newbies`: .. _`2.5.1 bugs`: