Plone 2.1.3 Released (Updated)

The Plone Team is proud to announce the release of Plone 2.1.3.

The third release in the 2.1 series has seen four months of bug fixes in Plone and its supporting products, particularly on the security side. We consider this the best release of Plone available and encourage everyone to upgrade. For a full change log and to download Plone 2.1.3 visit the "release page":/products/plone/releases/2.1.3. Plone 2.1.3 supercedes all Plone Hotfixes released to date. For the Plone Team, — Stefan Holek Update: Most important changes Here's a lost of the most significant changes, for full details, see the "release page":/products/plone/releases/2.1.3 - Kupu has received a major overhaul: - Can now insert pre-defined thumbnails directly from the image insertion dialog - no more resizing images! - Better icons and stripped away irrelevant options - Added "pullquote" and "callout" layout classes, renamed "formatted" label to "literal", added the "discreet" from Plone. - Improved tool ordering (growing elements like the text format selector should be at the end, since they displace all the other icons when they change if not) - Fixed stupid bug in Mozilla by explicitly setting the link styling inside Kupu - Made all images load from an absolute URL to improve caching - CSS elements have been moved to make it easier to skin Plone with DIYPloneStyle - Built-in support for rounded corners - New button in the ZMI to find and catalog content and content only (useful if you erroneously clear the catalog and need to rebuild it) - Lots of fixes for Right-to-Left languages like Arabic, Hebrew and Farsi - Re-added 'toPortalTime' method - even if it is deprecated, it was removed in a minor release (and broke some add-on products), and that shouldn't happen. This will disappear in Plone 2.5, though - so make sure your third-party products use 'toLocalizedTime' instead. - Lots of cleanups in the navigation tree code. NOTE: If you have a customized navigation tree, you might have to re-customize it. - Uses full name in comments now - Added relaxed mode to 'normalizeString' that will be used to not make file names lowercase on upload. - Username in personal bar now points to the profile, and gives you an interface to edit your profile. - Introduced a new class "tile" to use in the portlets. The previous portlet code implicitly assumed that all links would be block-level, which is not a good thing. This should have minimal impact on old portlets, but if you want the block-level behaviour and stay compatible with older portlet code too, just add class="tile" to your links. — Alexander Limi